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12 ounces extra stuff $29


12 oz (340 gram) of extra stuffing

The firmness of a Valentina Girl has been set based on extensive testing and research. The smaller dolls are firmer than the larger ones. The male dolls are very stiff already and we don't recommend any additional stuffing for those.
Of course you may prefer a stiffer doll than most people and we can add stuffing to your doll in 12 ounce (340 gram) units.
To put it in perspective 12 ounces of stuffing is about the same as a standard size pillow.
12 ounces of stuffing will maka a small doll like a Catalina or similar much stiffer, and two sets will make her very hard. A large doll like Palomina can hold up to 4 extra units, but she will be very hard that way.

Valentina Girl Sex Doll with 12 ounces extra stuff option

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