The Valentina Girls' Great Encyclopedia of Love Positions Volume 1
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Our great knowledge-base of sexual positions is now available as an encyclopedia.

Volume 1 A-D is also available for free as an e-book in mobi and pdf format.

Links to places with Valentina Girl info

Pornhub video by Downfreak.

Downfreak's Twitter.

Reviews on The Casquetero Files

Here is a recent review of Shalina on The Casquetero Files

And here is one on Bambina Travel, also on The Casquetero Files

The Casquetero Files is a well respected source of reviews of male sex-toys of all types.

Ace@DollWithDolls on twitter Lots of great Valentina Girl pictures.

Post Videos And Get A Free Valentina Girl

If you already own a Valentina Girl, post videos featuring your Valentina Girl on any video sharing site (youtube, pornhub, xvideos, etc..). The videos can be about anything (not necessarily pornographic), but they must be centered around the Valentina Girl. A Valentina Girl must be in the videos at least 80% of the time. There must be clear reference to her being a Valentina Girl so people know what she is if they want to know. Once your total number of views for all your videos reaches one million we will send you a free Valentina Girl Super Model base model of your choice! We will also give you half off on any options you add to your free doll. Contact us for more info.


Is a Valentina Girl for you or not? Take the test and find out!

The test is made up of a series of questions that determines whether or not a Valentina Girl is good for you.

Family Friendly Site

For our fans in countries where authorities block adult content we have: , a family friendly version of our site.
We will be expanding the site as time allows.


Is a Valentina Girl for you or not? Look at our comparison to see.

Valentina GirlTPE or Silicone DollCheap Inflatable DollHigh End Inflatable DollReal Woman
Quality of SexVery GoodDead BodyTerribleOKDepends
Availability of SexAny TimeAny TimeAny TimeAny TimeShe Decides
FragileNot FragileVery FragileVery FragileVery FragileSelf-healing

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