Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is the shipping charge?
That depends on which doll you buy and where in the world you are. To get the exact shipping charge just add the doll you like to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout and select your country and the exact shipping charge should show up. To most places including North America, Europe, Australia, South America the shipping charge is between 20-50 US Dollars depending on which doll you buy.

How long does shipping take?
1 to 2 weeks to most places in the world.

Will there be a customs charge when I receive my doll?
That depends on your country. To the USA and Europe there is no customs charge, but there may be a small charge in the magnitude of 5-20 US Dollars in some countries. Canada may sometimes charge you a small tax and administration fee of less than 20 US Dollars. If you want to find out the exact charge contact your country's customs authority, the HS Tariff Number is 950300 and the legal classification is "Textile Doll Resembling Human". When you choose expedited shipping these charges are automatically billed to us and you pay nothing.

Are Valentina Girls heavy to handle?
Not at all. You can think of them like very large teddybears shaped like sexy ladies. You can easily bounce them around at will.

The vagina on the doll facilitate Fleshlights, but can I put a different sleeve in the hole?
Yes of course. The vagina opening is big enough to facilitate a full size Fleshlights, but any similar or smaller sleeve fits just fine. Even very slim sleeves sit well in the hole due to the pressure coming from the padding of the doll. Larger sleeves fit well, as long as they are not longer than the depth of the vagina/anus cavity; the depth of the vagina/anus cavity is 11.5 inches or 29.5cm. The opening of the vagina can stretch to accomodate devices with a diameter of up to 4 inches or 10 cm. The mouth opening can also fit devices with a diameter of up to 4 inches or 10 cm, the mouth opening opens from the back of the head and can thereby fit devices of any length. The butt is very tight and designed to give you the ultimate tight rear entry experience and works best with a thin walled soft insert.

How can I hide her when I'm not using her?
Although she's as large as a real woman she is soft enough to be easily squeezed into an average size suitcase. For long-time storage she can be made even smaller by placing her in a large plastic bag and vacuuming out the air.

How do I clean a Valentina Girl if I get her dirty?
Just scrub the affected area with soapy water, rinse off and let her dry. If you for some reason want to wash her more thoroughly you could wash her in a very large washing machine or a bathtub. Do keep in mind though that it takes a long time for her to dry all the way through.

How long does a Valentina Girl last?
If you take good care of her she will last your whole life.

How are the different models different?
They differ in shape an size, other than that they are pretty much the same.

Do you ship to anywhere in the world?
Yes we do, but some countries, mainly in the Middle East and East Asia, do not allow import of sexdolls. Please check your local regulations.

Can I pose a Valentina Girl in different positions?
Yes to certain extent. She does not have a joint skeleton like some other sexdolls on the market, instead she has a firm inner core. The reason we have chosen this design is purely sexual. While a bendable skeleton allows for good photos and such it is not very suitable for sex at all. A bendable skeleton bends away when you push, when in fact you would like it to spring back at you. Our firm inner core keeps the doll in a semirigid position that allowes for the best possible sex. You can still pose her quite a lot as you can see in the pictures here on our site.

How firm is the firm inner core and how does it work?
The inner core is much stiffer than the soft outside. Different sections of the core have different firmness. The firmest sections of the core are about as firm as a tennis ball, while the softer sections such as the joints in hips and knees are about as soft as a very firm pillow. The inner core is springy and maintains the position of the doll while being flexible to allow for the right amount of movement and backwards force. We put a large amount of work into the design of the inner core to ensure it is optimal and perfect.

How is the quality of a Valentina Girl Love Doll?
The quality of a Valentina Girl is very high. Even with heavy use A Valentina Girl will last you your whole life. She comes with a lifetime warranty, no other love doll that we know of has a lifetime warranty.

How do Valentina Girls compare to high-end TPE or silicone dolls?
They are very different. If you have tried a TPE or silicone doll you know that even though they are beautiful to look at they are a disappointment in bed. They are heavy and cold, and having sex with them feels like you’re having sex with a dead body. Valentina Girls are light and warm and you can bounce them around. It feels like they really come alive when you have sex with them. Valentina Girls are made to be perfect sex-partners while TPE and silicone dolls are made to look real. You can cuddle up with your Valentina Girl in bed at night; she’s soft and warm. A TPE or silicone doll by comparison is cold as a frog.

Can a Valentina Girl stand up on her own?
She can stand on her knees, but not on her feet. Her knees are bent to accommodate for the best possible sex, at the expense of her not being able to stand up straight.

How big is a Valentina Girl?
The regular ones are 5 feet 2 inches (157cm) tall, while the tall ones are 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm) tall. The height is measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the heel. They weigh between 9 and 10 pounds (4-5 kg) depending on model.

Can a Valentina Girl be used in different sexual positions?
Yes of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be the great sexdoll that it is! The preset body position of the doll is such that depending on how you place her she’s at rest in doggy style, missionary with feet up in the air, on her knees for blowjobs or rear entry. But she can also be bent to assume almost any position you can imagine, including yoga style positions that most real women could only dream of achieving.

Can I have sex with a Valentina Girl?
This is one of the strangest questions we’ve ever had, but we get it a lot. The answer is yes of course, it is a sex doll after all. She has three wonderful love holes for your enjoyment. Her whole body is a wonderful sex-playground for you.

Apart from a vaginal opening, do Valentina Girls also have anal and oral openings for sex?
Yes of course! Any sexdoll that calls itself a sexdoll has all those three openings.

Can I dress my Valentina Girl up in regular clothes?
Yes of course. You can dress her in anything that fits.

Can I change her hair?
Yes. The hair is a standard wig which is attached to the head with a string thread through a set of loops on the head. She comes with the wig unattached and it takes about a minute to attach or to remove. You can use any standard wig for your Valentina Girl.

What shoe size does a Valentina Girl have?
Technically she’s a US women’s size 5, or a size 36 in Europe. Her feet are 8 ½ inches long, or 22cm. Her feet are soft and fit well in pretty much any shoe, but if you want her feet to look nice in open shoes or sandals then size 4 ½ to 6 are suitable.

Can I have my Valentina Girl customized?
Yes, we can customize the body for you. See our customization section for more info on that.

How are Valentina Girls shipped?
Valentina Girls are discretely shipped in a plain brown cardboard box the size of an average microwave oven. They are vacuum packed to take less space during transport and regain their normal size and shape after unpacking. There are no markings on the box what so ever to indicate the contents. The sender is listed as our company “Nibina” and the contents are declared as “Plush Doll”.

Can I lay on top of my Valentina Girl?
Yes of course. She can withstand the pressure of the heaviest man alive. She will temporarily flatten a bit of course, but she will regain her graceful shape as soon as the pressure is removed.

Can I return my Valentina Girl if I don’t like her?
All sales are final to ensure that each one of our customers gets a brand new and untouched doll.

The openings on the doll facilitate Fleshlights and other sleeves but, do I have to use a sleeve in the holes?
You don't have to use sleeves at all, the holes are very pleasant as they are. You can flip the interior of the vagina and butt inside out through the vagina hole for cleaning if you finish up in the vagina or butt. The mouth hole interior can be pulled out for cleaning through the hole in the back of the head.

If I want to wash the doll in a bathtub or a washing machine how do I not damage her eyes?
The eyes are on pretty sturdy and will stay on in a normal wash. If you wash her in a machine select a cool and gentle program.

Do Valentina Girls have a skeleton?
The super and hyper models have a firm skeleton core with flexible springy tension joints that allow the body to move and flex in a perfect manner. The cuddle models don't have a skeleton.

If I stick a Fleshlight or other insert into her how can I be sure it doesn't go too far in?
Inside the vagina and butt opening is a pouch that is the depth of a standard size Fleshlight so nothing will go in and get lost inside your Valentina Girl. To use a shorter insert you can put some padding in the bottom of the pouch. Inserts in the mouth are held in place with friction and the internal pressure of the padding of the head.

How much weight can a Valentina Girl handle, can I lay on top of her?
Yes of course. You can put all your weight on her, it won't harm her no matter how much you weigh.

If I lay on top of her will I feel the hardness of the skeleton?
No, the skeleton core is mainly a firmly stuffed internal unit with hard components in the legs only. The core is about as hard as a bicycle tire and when you lay on top of the doll the internal padding is soft enough that you won't feel the core at all. You can even use her as a mattres if you want.

Some of the pictures on the site have dolls that I don't see for sale, what are those?
Those are older dolls that have since been replaced by a new generation of dolls. You will see many of them in the sex-positions section.

Why are some of the dolls priced so much higher than the basic ones?
The standard dolls are all priced about the same while custom dolls are priced much higher since they have to be made individually. Angelina (the tall one) and Valentino (the man) for example are actually very popular custom dolls that we have decided to include as models of their own.

Is her butt hole too tight?
Yes, the butt hole is indeed very very tight, just like a good butt hole should be! On the older models the butt hole was looser, but based on extensive testing and customer feedback we decided to make the butt hole really tight. The butt is very tight and designed to give you the ultimate tight rear entry experience and works best with a thin walled soft insert. Just like on a real woman, getting into the rear is harder than the front, but once you're in you get to enjoy an insanely intense and tight ride!

How small of a bag can a Valentina Girl fit in for hiding?
A cuddle model fits easily in a small carry-on suitcase, while a super or hyper model fits easily in a regular suit case. They can fit in bags about half as big if you squeeze them or if you vacuum pack them.

Do Valentina Gilrs flatten over time?
No they don't. There are other brands of textile dolls that have that problem, but we use materials that do not flatten over time.

How long do Valentina Girls last?
A Valentina Girl should last your whole life! They are not fragile and can handle all the loving action you can give them. If you treat your Valentina Girl like you would treat a regular lady and don't abuse her she will outlive you.

How long it takes from purchase to creation to arrival?
We usually take a day or two from we receive the order until it's shipped. Arrival depends on where you are. Within Europe it usually takes 3-4 days after we ship her, outside Europe 1-2 weeks. Shipping time can be a bit longer during holidays or due to special circumstances like floods, hurricanes, etc..

How big is the box she is shipped in?
The Super and Hyper models, as well as the chubby Cuddle models come in a 22.5x15x11.5 inch or 57x38x29cm box.
The non-chubby Cuddle models come in a 17.5x13x10inch or 44x32x25cm box

What do the shipping boxes look like, are they discrete?
The boxes are plain brown boxes with no markings at all. If you're outside the EU we have to put a customs declaration on it which says "textile doll" but no mention of sex dolls or anything like that...

How do I add options to a doll?
After you have chosen your doll place her in your shopping cart by clicking on the ''Add To Cart'' button. Then go to our Options Page and add all the options you want into the shopping cart by clicking on the ''Add To Cart'' buttons for the options you want to add. When you are happy with your doll click on ''Check Out''

Can the enhanced butt crack go higher than the standard enhanced butt crack?
Yes it can. The standard enhanced butt crack extends up 4 inches (10 cm) from the back edge of the butt hole. 4 inches makes for a very well defined and shapely butt, but if you want more then no problem. We can extend it more, just tell us how much you want it extended and we'll extend it by that much. The charge for a longer butt crack enhancement is the same as for the standard 4 inches.

How do add an option or modification that I don't see on your site?
We are very flexible and we can modify your Valentina Girl in all kinds of ways. Just send us an email telling us what you would like and we'll tell you how much that would cost you.

Can I order a doll with wider hips than the ones you have on your site?
Yes of course! The cost depends on which doll and how wide you want the hips to be. Please contact us for an exact price for the hipsize you want.

Can an extra love tunnel go in through the front of the breast and exit on her back?
Yes! Additional love tunnels can go from anywhere on her body to anywhere else as long as the tunnel is no longer than 12 inches (30 cm). The reason for this is that when you insert an insert into one end of the tunnel you need to pull it in from the other end of the tunnel and if the tunnel is too long you can't reach it.

What kinds of inserts can I use in her holes?
You can use any commercially available sleeve that has a closed back end. Make sure any insert you buy for your valentina does not have an open back end.

Can I choose hair color?
Yes, when you order your Valentina Girl you can choose between blonde or dark hair. The hair is a regular wig, so you can use any wig you have on her.

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