Super-Performance Sexdoll

Engineered for Optimal Sexual Performance

Unlike other sexdolls Valentina Girls are scientifically designed for optimal sexual performance. You will not find a better source of high quality sexual experiences anywhere.

High priced sexdolls are designed to look and feel like real women, there is a big problem with that… About 0.7% of the female body is designed for sex; that is how many percent of a woman’s body is made up of her vagina. Sure there are other parts of her that can be used for sex, but they all have other primary purposes. Her mouth can be used for sex, but the primary purposes are eating, talking, breathing. Because her mouth has to chew food she has sharp teeth that are an obstacle to sex. The situation is similar for the rest of her body as well; only her vagina is a purely sexual. Of course a real woman needs all these other functions to live, but the fact of the matter is that she is not optimal for sex. Why then should the purpose of a sexdoll be to duplicate her? No, Valentina Girls are different! They are designed from the ground up to be perfect sexual partners. Valentina Girls function is 100% sexual, just like a real sex doll should be!

Valentina Girls are very light, you can bounce them around effortlessly. Real women are very heavy, but they do have muscles to move themselves around. TPE dolls on the other hand are very heavy, and they can’t move themselves. As a result quality sex with a TPE doll is completely impossible. You set her up in whatever position, and then you hump her. That is the furthest from a high quality sexual experience you can get! With a Valentina Girl sex is like a dance; you twist her and turn her, you bounce her up on top of you. Not only can she do everything a real woman can, she can do much more than a real woman.

When we designed the Valentina Girl our top design criteria was sexual function, absolutely no compromise has been made when it comes to sexual function. Take the mouth for example; some of our competitors have chosen to make a mouth that doesn’t function sexually to cut down cost. What kind of sexdoll does not give head? Not one that we would call a sexdoll, that’s for sure. Similarly the butthole is completely missing on many competitors’ dolls. Valentina Girls have all three holes and all of them have been carefully optimized to give you the best sexual experience!

When deciding what material should make up the surface of the Valentina Girl we did consider more skin-like materials, but after much analysis and testing decided that a very soft fleece is the best way to go. It feels softer and smoother than the softest woman-skin in the world. Fleece might not be the ideal cover for a real live woman, but for a sexdoll it’s perfect!

Other sex dolls have posable skeletons, Valentina Girls have stiff internal core skeletons. Posable skeletons are great for taking pictures of your doll in all kinds of everyday situations, but for sex a posable skeletons is absolutely idiotic! We have designed an internal core with the optimal amount of bend resistance and stiffness to ensure that you have a perfect sexual experience every time you take your Valentina Girl to bed!

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