Info Videos
These information videos describe the various aspects of the Valentina Girls.

About the Valentina Girls
Demonstration of the softness of the body, the firmness of the internal skeleton core, and the smoothness of the skin.

Short instructional video covering everything you need to know to get started

Cuddle Models Compared to Super Models
The Super Models have an internal core and the Cuddle Models don't, that's the basic difference. This video shows how they behave differently.

Super Models Compared to Hyper Models
The Super Models and Hyper Models have different internal cores. This video shows how they behave differently.

Real Heads
Live action movies with dolls with Real Heads.

Valentino trying out different positions with Catalina and Marsalina

Valentino trying out different positions with Marsalina and Catalina

The Different Valentina Girls
These are videos showing the different Valentina Girls

Video of Florina Valentina

Video of Marsalina Valentina

Video of Catalina Valentina

Video of Quintina Valentina

Video of Palomina Valentina

Video of Opalina Valentina

Video of Bambina Valentina

Video of Roselina Valentina

Video of Coralina Valentina

Video of Odelina Valentina

Video of Didina Valentina

Video of Clementina Valentina

Video of Melina Valentina

Video of Shalina Valentina

Video of Natalina Valentina

Video of Amorina Valentina

Video of Angelina Valentina

Video of Giorgina

Video of Carmelina Valentina

Video of Venusina

Video of Zeppelina Valentina


Video of Valentino


Robot Videos
We are currently developing a Valentina Girl Sex Robot, here are some videos.

Video of Naked Robot Prototype

Video of Dressed Robot Prototype

Mixed Videos
Hera are some mixed videos featuring Valentina Girls

Sex Positions
Valentina Girls can perform a limitless range of positions. Here are a few examples.

More Sex Positions
The sexual possibilities of a Valentina Girl are endless. Here are a few examples of sex positions shown off by some older 1st generation Valentina Girls.

Group Positions
Increase your fun and pleasure with multiple Valentina Girls. Watch these old 1st generation Valentina Girls have fun together!

More Group Positions
Sex parties make the best parties! You can never go wrong with good friends and Valentina Girls!

Second Generation
Video featuring some new second generation Valentina Girls

Short demonstration of the HiFly Suspension System

Funny Puppetry Videos
The following videos are mostly for fun. We hope you will enjoy watching them. It's an X-rated muppet show :)

The Terminator
Melina gets visited by a sexrobot from the future.

Sexdoll University
Professor Florina of Sexdoll University enforces academic discipline.

The Plumber
Florina and Shalina are horny so they call a plumber to help them out...

Florina Gets Mail
Florina gets visited by not one, but two horny mailmen. She takes them upstairs, front, and rear. And in the end she blows their horn!

Valentino Takes A Beating!
Valentino and Melina are getting nasty when Valentino's wife walks in with a rolling pin...

Melina and Valentino get it on
Melina and Valentino having wild sex.

Sex Videos
These videos are live-action sex videos featuring Valentina Girl Sexdolls engaged in various sex-acts.

Melina Valentina Sex Video
Melina puts her sexual skills on display.

Florina Valentina Sex Video
Florina shows off her sexual skills.

Shalina and Melina Threesome Sex Video
Shalina and Melina show how much fun you can have with two Valentina Girls.

Amorina Cuddle Model Sex Video
Amorina Cuddle along with her sister Natalina are the smallest of the Valentina Girls.

Palomina Valentina Sex Video
Palomina with her chubby body and big tits shows what she is capable of.

Palomina and Melina Threesome Sex Video
Here are a few examples of what you can do with two Valentina Girls.

User Videos
These are videos made by our customers.

Downfreak and Clementina on Pornhub
Downfreak having intimate moments with his beloved Clementina Valentina .

Downfreak's Twitter video demonstrating nippleholes.

Downfreak and Batgirl on Pornhub
Plush Sex Doll Fantasy With Down Suit in the Crypt. Huge Tits Monster Succubus!


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