Our company started out importing high quality TPE sexdolls from Asia for sale in Europe. Although we only sold top quality dolls many of our customers had complaints about their sexual performance. There were two main problems: the weight and the skeletal structure. The weight of an average TPE doll is about 30kg, or close to 70lbs. That may not sound heavy, but lifting one is an elaborate effort that turns the sex-drive off instantaneously. The other problem regarding the skeletal structure of TPE dolls is equally problematic. The skeleton of a TPE doll is made to simulate a real woman. The problem is that a real woman can move her skeleton and move along with your sexual moves, a TPE doll doesn’t. TPE dolls are great for use as ultra-realistic mannequins, but as sex-partners they are useless. If you’ve ever had sex with a TPE doll you know that it’s like having sex with a dead body.

Soooo…. We set out to change all that and create the best possible sexdoll in respect to sexual performance, with realistic appearance taking a backseat. The weight had to be light enough for the user to be able to toss the doll around with ease since she’s not able to move herself. The feel had to be soft, exciting, erotic, and arousing. She had to have all three love tunnels that a real woman has. There could be no compromise whatsoever in the sexual quality of the doll we were about to create.

The perfect shell material was a soft, long-fibred fleece. A posable skeleton such as ones used in TPE dolls and other high end textile dolls is again good if you want to use the doll as a mannequin, but terrible for sex. Instead we developed a semi-firm internal core that acts as a skeleton inside the doll. The core keeps the doll in a specific resting position, but she can be easily bent into other positions where she will remain by just the friction of her body against the surface she rests on. The internal core is springy and flexible; when you thrust against her she thrusts back at you. The sexual interaction becomes a two sided exchange as good sex is, not a single sided exertion as is the case with other sexdolls.

We are confident that the Valentina Girls line of sexdolls are the best sexdolls in existence today as far as sex is concerned.

About Our Company

The Valentina Girls are made by our partner company in Sweden. Sales and marketing is handled by our US partner company SP Inc, of Marietta, Georgia, USA.

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