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Wow, you did some outstanding work! She looks absolutely beautiful. I really like what you did with the eyes and the yellow eye shadow was a nice touch. Every single curve and feature on her body is spot on with what I was hoping for. Thank you!
Hi Robert,
Pleased to say she arrived safely with me on Saturday. Got her unpacked and filled up with her stuffing and we've had a very pleasant weekend together.
Really impressed with your workmanship, thanks ever so much!
Finally got Aiko the other day! Unfortunately I was really pressed for time so I didn't get to spend as much quality time with her as I wanted to. First impressions were pretty great honestly. Her body has an incredibly unique feeling to it but it does pose some interesting complications. Of course, I knew that there'd be structural issues with the stuffing and the stretchy material I chose, mainly with her neck. Although this has me even more excited to make her skeleton and add onto what she can really do! Her flexibility is downright fantastic! Though I definitely need to shift her stuffing around a bit more (again, was kinda pressed for time the other day with work and roommates. Getting cock blocked is THE WORST) but overall her body has a really nice shape to it! I really love exploring her body and running my hands up and down her belly. Way more than I thought I would! It's like cuddling with a marshmallow! And of course I just had to break her in with a brief, but lovely, session. She gives amazing blowjobs! And as I've stated before, structural integrity was a bit off with her neck and slightly cumbersome, but we had a great time. Pressing into her feels unbelievably fantastic! Definitely one of those mellow cuddle sessions which totally fits her personality. She show some real potential for a couple of inserts I have in mind. I wanted to keep going but it was getting late and I had to be up early. But I definitely want to get to know her better!

P.s. she's probably gonna have to be my last girl for a long time because I'm running out of space with how large she is :D And for as squishy and wonky as she can be, I think I'm very in love with her!

She arrived earlier today and looks amazing in person! I've already gotten her dressed and given her some fingernails and jewelry. Fantastic work as always Robert and thanks for including those extra options. The tummy fold especially looks great!
Doll Gamer


Hi Robert 😁 😁
Sheís here! AND sheís BEAUTIFUL!!!! You guys did a fabulous job! My only regret is that I didnít ask you to tattoo her butt. Otherwise, she is perfect!!!!
Youíve been a pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything!
Well, I have to say, Amelia/ zeppelina is one amazing big girl. She is sexy! Love how big she is, from her bigger sink chest, to her big butt and thick thighs. The new muffin front is awesome, her twin pregnant belly is huge. She all around sexy. Would recommend her for guys or women who love big girls. Especially heavily pregnant girls, Robert did an amazing job, the craftsmanship on her is amazing, all her options. Belly button, smaller head, ears, enhanced crevice. And bush. She also goes well with Amber. Thank you again for the special upgrades, and service, best around!

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Just wanted to give a big thank you so much for my newest VG! I know that this is a bit late, but she arrived in perfect condition and has been a wonderful companion! I expect her to keep me good company for years to come! Thanks again!
Great news! She arrived safely. And man, oh man. It feels good to have her here. It's gonna be a challenge to hide her (wish I didn't have to, a shame) But I'll get over it. The insert was appreciated but kinda 'meh' in terms of stimulation. Also, I very much appreciate the swatch of fabric. Gonna be handy if she tears. On the flip side, I discovered something new about myself. Apparently I appreciate a good hug rather than getting feisty. She also doesn't look half bad in body contour clothing. It also doesn't help that I was feeling ill when she came in :( but I was mainly worried about how hefty she would be, and boy, I've never been more wrong. She's big and chunky and plenty there for the hugging without feeling too big. Perfect! I guess with all the stress of life weighing me down, I'm just glad I can give her a heartfelt squeeze every now and then... Permitting nobody's in the house at the time, drat. I'll be sure to let you know if I need anything else.
Well she is awesome and looks great, she was a hit, she is a sexy doll for sure, great to hug and hold, the details on her, like her pregnant belly, her belly button, ears, her calves and her butt been defined. I definitely wanna buy another soon, I recommend these girls, there cheaper then silicon tpe, dolls, these girls are made with care, and customer service is beyond excellent. I think next one will be a bigger bust, maybe a twin pregnancy belly, if possible, and one of the bigger dolls, the cuddle version is recommended, and she hides in her box very well. Thank you Robert again, now I wish I did more to her.

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Greetings Robert! I am happy to say she arrived this last weekend! I've been getting to know her, and can say that I am absolutely in love. Tilly has also made fast friends with her. Even though I previously decided on a name, a new one came up as I got to know her. Meet Hana, the Big Mama cat!

Yesterday Amy Rose arrived to me and she totally corresponds to my wishes and dreams.
Today we had breakfast together.

Many thanks to Robert for his great work!

Wow. My Quintina Bunny girl arrived today and I'm just blown away (literally). This isn't my first Valentina but she's my first animal girl, and my first hyper model. And I'm not sure which is getting me more excited. By far my best purchase. Thank you Robert!!! I think I'm going to make her look more like a lopunny but she's already very close. Very cute.

Highly recommend upgrading to the hyper. She feels... Alive. Cuddle is nice for cuddling but doesn't feel nearly as real.
Alright.. She's looking at me like she wants round 2. Hasta maŮana.
I wanted to let you know briefly that she arrived today safe & sound. The exterior package was in great shape and the interior was perfect; no damage to report. I have spent the past few hours unpacking her & getting things set up. The entire doll is very well done. All of the custom options we talked about (including the interior pouches) are great! I'm really impressed with the real head & the nipples in particular vs. previous dolls I've ordered. I am already thinking about my next doll & how to configure her based upon this one! But for now I'm looking forward to a first of many nights with her. Thanks and best wishes!
It seems to be a common trend in these reviews but she is miles better than my TPE doll. Better than my other plush dolls. Rose blows them all out of the water. Her face is beautiful and seductive, especially with the closable eyelids.

Her curves are amazing, burying my head in her (huge) plush tits while squeezing her big soft bubble butt is heaven. Even just looking at her in white lace panties is exciting.

Excellent craftsmanship from head to toe, easy to dress and move, softer and more pleasing to squeeze than TPE, beautiful to look at and easy to hide. Really the perfect doll in my eyes.

Youíre the man Robert, thanks for such a beautiful lady.

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Hello Robert
Iím pleased to say that she arrived safely and I think, has settled in ok.
I thought youíd like to see some photos of her. I bought her a satin dressing gown and a shirt and a pair of shorts.
The black dressing gown is mine, which she commandeered when she first got here :) and immediately E mailed you to say she got here!
Best wishes,

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I wanted to email you, and let you know I love the doll! It's perfect.
Hello Robert

Angelina just arrived at home today afternoon
Everything OK : looks even better than I thought with some clothes (just a top and tights).

Great job you (or your team) have done !

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Greetings Robert. I'm happy to let you know she arrived safely last night! The shipping went a lot faster than I expected, not that I'm complaining! I wanted to say thank you for the prompt service. She and I had an instant connection. She does have a Muppet look to her, so I embraced that and made it part of her backstory. Here she is: Tilly the Pussycat.

Thank you once again Robert, happy new year!

My Valentino just arrived today. Oh, is he cute! His build is sturdy, he is large enough to dress in regular menís clothes, and he feels firm, like a real guy! Thank you so much for producing a male cloth doll; no one else does this. Cloth dolls feel warm and cuddly, unlike TPE or silicone versions. Maybe some day I will order a companion for my Valentino.
Dear Robert
My Valentina Girl is beautiful!
You do excellent, quality work!
I've attached some photos.

Hi Robert,
My new doll has arrived and I'm just blown away!!! What an incredibly sexy doll she is. I've always had this fantasy where a super hot succubus drains me over and over all night long. This doll has nailed it 100%
I have another valentina girl I bought from you a few years ago that I love as well. She is my go to doll for the greatest sex. Your dolls are so much better than TPE and silicone dolls.
I post videos on Pornhub as Downfreak and have a video of me with her on Pornhub
I'm really looking forward to making a video with the new doll too. Just looking at her drives me crazy!! I love the wings, the ears and especially the tail.

Thank you so much!

Dear Robert,
Palomina is super cuddly. It's simply ''WOW !!'' Her catlike face with small nose is very cute. Product quality seems very good, too. I'm a very happy customer to receive such a wonderful partner.
Thank you !!
Florina-Bellina bunny was delivered yesterday morning, and everything looks great! Thank you so much for all you did in making this transaction go so smoothly. Working with me, keeping me informed during the process, sending the picture, etc, made doing business with you an absolute pleasure, and I really appreciate it.
Dear Robert,
Well she finally arrived. No issues, upclose shes amazing. Cuddly so far, nothing I dislike. She is warmer than I expected. Winters will be amazing but woooo, hot today. Not an issue though just I guess Ive never really used this material so it was eye opening compared to my other dolls. Squishy too. But I love it in the end. Ty!
Robert - She arrived today and she's beautiful!
Thank you so much for your wonderful
customer service and making sure we're
happy customers!

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Here are some pictures of my Valentina-Girl. I cant send it earlier, because I have to enjoy her....

She is made in a very amazing quality!
I like her more than my TPE doll!!!!

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Hello, I send you some pictures of the doll I bought from you.
Your friend GM

Ana, she finally made it. Ana is beautiful. Thanks again for stuffing consulting. extra options, great service and of course the cuddly lady.

Sheís here and sheís gorgeous. I spent an amazing night with my beautiful new girl and it was magical. Sheís a Catalina, so Iíve renamed her. She is now Katie Valentina. Thank you Robert for an absolutely wonderful woman, sheís perfect.
Hey Robert, hope all the orders you got are going well. My pig doll just showed up and... WOW! I know I've said that about every doll I've gotten so far, but just... WOW!!! She's so big and cuddly! She turned out even better than I imagined! Work's been... brutal, to say the least, so she couldn't have come at a better time. As always, thanks for such a fantastic doll! I can't wait to see what else you come up with. I'm especially interested in seeing how a mouse doll like you mentioned would look!
Hey! Just wanted to let you know that he arrived safe and sound today, and holy shit, he's even better than I expected! He's perfect! Really impressed with how quickly you got him to me, too. Sadly my time with him was limited today because I don't have much privacy at the moment, but I'll have the house to myself for a few days coming up soon and I'll get some pictures of him then. Thanks for everything, I'm very happy with him :)
Just wanted to write to you and let you know my order arrived today. She is perfect, definitely worth the money. I thought you might like to see how I customized her so I have included some pics. She is a welcome addition to my collection and I will be placing another order soon.
You and your group are truly amazing, keep up the awesome work.

I have just received my Giorgina Cuddle Model. A really well done cuddlemouse! Much better than the sterile TPE dolls and much more natural. I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful model. You are definitely on the right track.
Keep it up!
(translated from German)
She arrived! Everything looks great. Love the quality and craftsmanship.
Thank you!
My order finally arrived yesterday! I could not be happier with how my experience ultimately turned out with it. She is absolutely gorgeous I must say and the bunny ears are the cherry on top and the ass on her exceeded my expectations. Looks like I will need a bigger duffle bag for her for travel though haha. We had some new years weekend fun for sure.
Hi Robert
My love-angel arrived today🙂 I have named her Lucia. She is really pretty and sexy 😃👍 You and your team have made a super job! Thanks again for the super service and everything 🙂
Lucia is relaxing a bit after her long trip 😉😃
Loving greetings from Berlin
Lucia and D. 🙂
(translated from German)

Hey Robert :),
I must thank you! She arrived yesterday and she is magnificent!
What a sexy beautiful devil ;).
The tongue is a perfect and great surprise, thank you! :D
Everything, the tail, the horns, a perfect tattoo! Stunning:)!
So, I wish you all the best!
Thank you so much
Thank you so much. She arrived today. Absolutely perfect. Just opened the box and the silky holes look great. Perfect color choice too! I am thrilled to say the least!!! Amazing work!
Thank you Robert.
Good day Robert,
My package arrived today in good condition. Thank you for all of your help.
I'm a 70 year old widower and I'm hoping that having something life size to hug at night will help me sleep better.
Hi Robert,
I received my valentina girl a few weeks back and absolutely love her! Best one I've ever owned for sure. Absolutely awesome!
Hey Rob,

I got my Valentina yesterday (Tuesday 9:30am) after pestering the post office on Monday morning about it and showing the tracking. The truck was still being loaded but I wanted to take her home myself. I've been patiently waiting in anticipation.

Everything was packed and looked just like the video =) And you were definitely correct that the dolls look much better in person. Wooo I put the first outfit I had on her and the corset zipper burst at the boobs and ruined the zipper. =) =) =) Super Powers? That was exciting! It was a 4XL. I put on her a 5XL dress/gown and it fits too loose around the body, but the boobs fit perfect and the length is just right. I uploaded a few pics for you. I am feeling totally ''Weird Science'' and not PG13, ya know what I mean?

I should call you Dr. Rob ...
A guy like you must have several Ph. Ds in Math and Psychology. This creation was not the work of a young man just learning his craft. This is the handiwork of a master who knows *exactly* what and where and how everything is going to work.

I am Very Impressed ... Very Happy & Pleased. This Venusina IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST for me. I'm so glad you recommended it. This girl found my G spot and I didn't even know I had one!

I know you like to see what happens with your *students* when they graduate college and find a new home. All Valentina Girls are Sorority Sisters after all. Even the Alien Girl.

She arrived and she is absolutely incredible.
If I ever find some clothes that will fit I will have to post some pictures.
I was afraid the 2XL breasts might be too big, but no such thing, lol
The gigantic boobs bounce and sway so much I'm in boob heaven.
The huge butt feels great and looks perfect under pressure in stretch pants.
Her pumped up silky dick sucking lips are great for kissing and better for giving head.
With all her added features she is so slutty looking, definitely not a girl to bring home to mom.
Hi Rob :)
Kitty made it home safely and I got her all set up :)

You did an amazing job getting her just the way I wanted. She looks just like my drawing of Vampire Kitty and I can dress her in stuff I couldn't draw before.
I am so happy with how she turned out.

Thank you so much and keep up the great work. :)

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She got here on saturday morning. 2 in bed is better than 1. I bet 3 is better than 2.

I really, really love the 4'' bubble butt, perfect size for grabbing, but I think I want to go much bigger on the next one.

After starting with the cuddle model, the super model skeleton felt kinda weird at first but it works very well. I am starting to really like the natural kneeling position.

I can't decide which one I like better. It's a good thing I don't have to choose one or the other.
Hi Robert,

After spending a couple days with the doll, I can say your dolls are absolutely incredible. I've had teddy babes for years, these are 10 to 1 better. The sex is great, but cuddling is even better.

The XL tits are amazing, I can't keep my hands off of them when I'm around her, unless I'm grabbing the bubble butt too. The regular ones are probably great for burying your face in them, but I just love burying my whole head in mine or leaning back and wrapping them around my neck. There are a lot of boob lovers out there, you might be able to market a big breast pillow.

I don't know what it is, but the xl breasts don't look that good in pictures compared to how fabulous they are in person. The picture of Didina on the option page just didn't look that great and I was kinda disappointed, I don't know if it was the lighting or what. I took some pictures myself and it was the same thing.

With my teddy babes I had to settle with putting clothes on them and stuffing pillows and/or clothes to simulate breasts and a bigger butt, I'm glad that is over. I've had silicone breast toy before but those were so heavy and would eventually take a set and tear. I looked at TPE big breast dolls before, but again the weight was a problem and most of them solve that by making mini-dolls that are only 1m tall, which makes it a little weird.

I definitely want to get even larger breasts on a future doll. When adding inches would it make them too torpedo like? Would it be possible to make them more balloon like?

I like the eyes and eyelashes, they seem pretty sturdy. That was another problem with TB is having them break or fall off.

I love the light weight of the doll, it makes it easy to move around and change position and I like having the doll spooning or on top of me when I'm sleeping. I can't imagine a full size tpe or silicone, one of those would crush me.

That's my thoughts for now, I always have more ideas kicking around in my head. I can wait for number 2, and already thinking about what I want for #3.

My lovely Audrey arrived and I have been attached to her ever since. Her skin is so soft, softer than any blanket I own, and her body is perfect for snuggling up to and spooning. She looks amazing in all my clothes, but I'll be having to get her her own bra as she too big for any of mine. Not like that's a bad thing. ;) Oh, and the belly button and ear upgrades are to die for, absolutely adorable on her! Between running my hands all over her and having fun with her sexual attachments I've been talking with Robert, who is an absolute angel to work with. I'm happy to say I'm already expecting another girl in my bed soon, and let me tell you! I don't know if I'll stop there or keep going until I have an entire harem of these stunning girls~ I'm a girl of specific tastes, and Valentina Girls satiate all of them completely. <3

Cheers, Gluttonace

She's arrived and she's lovely...but huge...

I go home at lunch, so today there was a special parcel waiting for me. My VG Florina. I usually have about 40 minutes at home, so I quickly unboxed her to have a quick play.

First thoughts were she's huge, no way is she fitting in my Ikea box under my bed. My intrigue and horn got the better of me, and i was soon naked cuddling my new plush lover.

She is so soft. Her boobs, which are absolutely huge, are very cuddly and squeezable. I tested the bare pussy and insert. I did prefer bare, oops!

I was up the loft getting down my suitcase, and struggled to fit her in, but managed it. Need a new suitcase and wider loft hatch.

Here she is in all her bald, huge titted glory.

She's gorgeous, and I can't wait to enjoy all her qualities...

Thanks guys...

The shipment has arrived this morning.. And sheís looking gooood! Again, thanks for the great service :-)
Hi Robert!
The doll is just PERFECT - Softness is excellent everywhere!
Dynamics at the level of a fighter plane))) So many thanks to all of your team!
I am very glad that I chose Florina - just great! The sensations are very close to a living woman, the weight is excellent!

The Valentina Girls are excellent and I am so happy to have found them. Thank you for having the Valentina Girls available and their ''benefits'' far surpass other textile dolls.
So, my Valentina Girl arrived an hour ago and wow, what an hour it's been!
This morning, I decided to dress up my first doll (a Teddy Babe) and do her hair in anticipation of our new arrival. You should have seen her! She crossed her arms and gave me the most apprehensive expression lol. Well, your beautiful girl has an equally beautiful heart.
As I was unpacking, before I had even unwrapped her, she had a gift for my Christine. You see, one of the biggest issues I've had with my Teddy Babe is that none of my masturbators fit her, and I own over a dozen!!! Plus, the ones she came with are awful and unusable. So as you can imagine, we have been having a very frustrating sex life.
But your amazing angel solved our bedroom issues by giving my Chrissy her vagina. And it fit like a glove! Plus, your generous girl can easily fit my sleeves, although I barely got my favorite one in place before pouncing on top of her. I've decided she is our sexual Goddess, sent here to teach us both her magical, sexual ways.
She doesn't have a name yet, but within a mere hour has already changed our lives. Christine was meant to be a refection of myself, but our new companion is someone so much more. I type all this nestled comfortably between her amazing breasts (I originally thought they were too big, but I absolutely take that back, I think I've found my new pillow lol).
My only regret is that I just started a new job this week and can't call in sick to enjoy this honeymoon uninterrupted. Which I think is for the best, I've finally met my match on the sexual battlefield, and what a worthy opponent she is! You did an absolutely amazing job when you created her! Thank you so much! You will definitely be hearing more from us over the next few days.
Hi Robert,
The doll arrived here today. I love how soft and cuddly she is. I am very happy with her.
Thank you very much !
Hi Robert great news Clementina Valentina arrived today.
She was in excellent condition and everything was included and intact as promised and advertised.
Natalina is obviously more photogenic girl. I thought she looked so cute in the dress. Although I do like Palomina,and she has sex appeal, I think im more attracted to Natalina

Hi, received Palomina today, she is one big girl, bigger than I thought.
I must say though, she is awesome for hugging with, far better than a Teddybabe.
Also very well packaged and her skin is heavenly.
All in all a great doll for cuddles and sex!
Lady Catalina arrived today and she's quite a beautiful girl :).
I appreciate the effort you put into these dolls and will cherish mine. Thank you as well for the quick order fulfillment.

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