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With our new piercings option you can add as many piercings to your doll as you want anywhere on her body.

Say Cheese!

The new Say Cheese Mouth is our most beautiful mouth to date.

Emily's Butt!

If you like a perfectly shaped butt, check out the increadibly amazing Emily's Butt.


If you're into cute animals like bunnies and cats the new Paws option is right up your alley :)

Chubby Face for Real Heads!

Real Head in general have slim faces. This new option turns any Real Head into a chubby one to perfectly match a chubby body ;-)

Fixed Eyelids for Real Heads!

Nice looking eyelids to add realism to your Real Head.

New Real Head Sharina!

Sharina is our latest Real Head, and she is beautiful as you can see. Available in both light and brown of course :-)

Mega Bush!

Do you like ladies with plenty of hair downstairs? Then we have the perfect option for you!

Straight Body Posture!

Introducing the new straight body posture! Great for cuddling ;-)

Please Welcome Yumiko!

The brand new Yumiko real head has an anime inspired face. So cute ;-)

Spider Body!

This Halloween season we bring you this fantastic spider body attachment. Very very spooky, and very very sexy ;)

Movable Eyes for Real Head!

With the new Movable Eyes option for Real Heads your doll can look in any direction.

Twin-Pregnant Tummy!

Pregnant tummies have been a popular option for a while, and here's a twin size!

Muffin Pussy!

Get down on this lovely new chubby love muffin!

Extra Eyelids For Closeable Real Head Eyes!

Switch color on your Real Head's eye lids with the new Extra Eyelids option!

Super Butt!

The Valentina Girls research labs proudly presents its latest amazing butt. The SUPER BUTT!


Our new Freckles option looks great!

C-Section Scar!

A hot MILF needs a C-Section Scar! This is done as a smaller version of the Tummy Fold.

More Eyelashes!

Upper and lower eyelashes are now standard on all real heads!

Stiff Neck Video!

We have a new video of the stiff neck option. Check it out!

Improved Bumpy Tunnel!

We have improved our very popular Bumpy Tunnels. They now feature an internal pouch that flips out for easy cleaning.

Round Butts!

We've upgraded the old enhanced buttcrack option with these fantastic new round butts! Enjoy ;)

Lamia Snake Tail!

If snakes are your thing then this new option is for you!

Slim Heads!

These new heads are slimmer with a more pronouced chin than the original heads. Very cute!

Curly Fleece Hair!

Check out our new curly fleece hair! Available in all lenghts and colors.

Madelina Valentina!

Madelina is the latest girl to join our wonderful Valentina Girls. She's got plenty of extra size in all the right places!

Real Nipples!

Super realistic TPE nipples. A must for tit-lovers!

The Sex Robots Have Arrived!

The Valentina Girl Sex Robots are now on sale after a very long wait!


Like going raw? Then these new removable inserts are for you.

Bambina Travel reviewed on The Casquetero Files

Another great review of one of our lovely ladies on The Casquetero Files. This guy really knows his stuff; he has tried everything there is!

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