Sex Robot

Yes, the rumors about us developing a sex robot are true!

The videos below show the first working prototype of our new sex robot. We have left the original sound in the videos so you can hear the sounds the motors make. The clicking you hear throughout the videos is a mechanical switch used to test the prototype, the finished version will of course not have this clicking sound.

Video of Naked Robot Prototype

Video of Dressed Robot Prototype

Please feel free to share these videos or place them on your own site. We can also provide HD versions of the videos upon request.

In addition to our current body types, a new robotic core will be available with all models.
The first generation of this new robotic core will be able to perform basic thrust movements, allowing you as the user to just lay back and let her do all the work.

She will run on rechargable batteries and weigh about 12 to 18 pounds (5 to 8 kg) depending on the model.
We are still in the early development stages, and we hope to have the sex robot ready for sale in a few months. We want everything to be right before we release our robot on the market so the timeline may move forward if we feel she's not quite ready yet.

We estimate the price to start around $1000 for a Sex Robot Valentina Girl. This will be the first affordable and practically useful sex robot in the world!

As always here at Valentina Girls customer is top priority, and input from our customer base is very important to us. After all, our dolls and robots are for you. Therefore we have set up a special thread on our forum here: Forum - Sex Robot Thread where you can give us ideas and suggestions about what you think is important in a sex robot.

We will post updates about this project on this page, so keep checking back :)

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