Sex Robot

We are very happy to announce that the robot version of our dolls is finally available for sale.

The robotic core is added to the cuddle doll of your liking and adds $1200 (US Dollars) to the price, and adds 6.5 pounds (3 kg) to the weight of your doll. The example of a robot you see in the video is a Florina with a real head. She would run you about $1800 with shipping.

The robotic core provides pelvic thrusting. The speed can be adjusted with a knob located in her belly button. The core runs on electricity from you wall outlet and works with any voltage. She has a US plug, but an adapter is included so you can use your robot anywhere in the world.

Because the robotic core contains electronics and moving mechanical parts the robotic core is not covered by the warranty that normally covers Valentina Girls. If it breaks we will repair her for you at a reasonable cost and you would have to cover the shipping charges involved.

The robotic core has also not been fully tested for safety and is as such officially an experimental product, so you will need to agree to some terms relieving us from any liability in case of property damage or personal injury before you can order it.

If you want to order a robotic core for your Valentina Girl please contact us and we will send you the terms to sign off on and a link to a hidden order page where you can add the robotic core to your shopping cart.

We have set up a
special forum thread here where you can find answers to questions you might have.

Please also email us any questions you might have.

Please feel free to share any videos or images you see here or place them on your own site. We can also provide HD versions of videos upon request. We will have a video of a robot wearing a swim suit posted in the next few days if you’re looking for something a bit more family friendly :)

Video of Robot

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