There are two basic issues to consider when considering getting a Valentina Girl.
1. Is a sexdoll for me?
2. If a sexdoll is for me then which sexdoll is right for me?


The main reason men get a sexdoll is of course the free availability of sex anytime you want it. Having a fulfilling sexlife is a requirement for both mental and physical health. The reasons for not having a fulfilling sexlife vary; you might be single or your partner might have a weaker libido than you. Either way you are not going to have a healthy mental balance if you don't have enough sex. Manual masturbation just doesn't cut it, it takes care of your erection but leaves you mentally unfulfilled and still hungry for sex. Toys like pocket pussies and other masturbation sleeves do little more, they are no substitute. Eventually you will buckle and either pursue a new woman, go to prostitutes, or get a serious sex-doll. Either that or you will go mad.

Investing in a serious sexdoll represents a profound change in your lifestyle. You will become free to do what you want with your life at the same time as your sexual needs will be fulfilled. You will be free of the frustrations that have plagued sex-starved men since the beginning of time. Having a sexdoll instead of a woman means you will no longer have to listen to any complaining or whining, you will no longer have to beg for sex, you will be free to spend as much time with your friends as you want, you will be free to do exactly what you want in every way!



Valentina Girl: A Valentina Girl is the only sexdoll that has been designed for the best possible sex with other factors taking a backseat. Both our user research and our internal testing shows that the sex you have with a Valentina Girl is most often better than the sex you have with a real woman. In comparison with other serious sexdolls the Valentina Girl comes out on top in terms of sex quality. Valentina Girls have a warm smooth feeling fleece surface, they feel great to hug. You can bounce them around and switch positions effortlessly. They can be on top of you in various ways, or you can be on top of them in any way you choose. Having sex with a Valentina Girl is like having sex with a world class sex-acrobat. Only Valentina Girls feature a special internal semi-rigid core that springs back against your thrusts creating a better than life sex-experience. Of course the only way you can experience this for yourself is with your own Valentina Girl.

TPE or Silicone Dolls: While having a very realistic appearance TPE or silicone dolls are terrible for sex. You might have tried one yourself, if not, ask anyone who's ever tried one. They are cold, stiff, and lifeless. The closest thing to a TPE or silicone doll is a dead body. They really look great but completely useless for sex.

Other textile dolls: There are other textile dolls out there and while most of them are better than TPE or silicone dolls they are no match for Valentina Girls. For starters most of them only have one hole, the vagina. What kind of sexdoll does not have all the three love-holes a woman has? Most textile dolls are just woman-shape teddy bears with no internal structure. Some textile dolls do have a posable skeleton similar to those of TPE dolls which make them very good for dressing up and posing but become an obstacle to sex. Valentina Girls have a semi-firm springy inner core that creates a bounce-back effect when you thrust against her, no other textile doll has that.

Inflatable dolls: Inflatable dolls do not measure up to serious sexdolls in any way. They are basically air mattresses shaped like women and are horrible for sex.


Valentina Girl: A Valentina Girl weighs between 9 and 10 lbs, about 4-5 kg. That's the weight of a seat cushion from your sofa. Pick up a seat cushion from your sofa to feel the weight.

TPE or Silicone Dolls: A very small TPE doll weighs about 40 lbs or 18 kg, and that's the very small ones. The ones that are the same size as real women weigh about 80 lbs or 36 kg. Some weigh even more, TPE dolls with chubby features weigh upwards 120 lbs or 55 kg. To put it in perspective the average TPE doll weighs 80 lbs which is the same as 2 five gallon water bottles, the ones used in water coolers, or 4 average car tires. Try lifting 2 five gallon bottles or 4 car tires and imagine trying to bounce something with that weight on top of you.

A Valentina Girl is very high quality and will last you for the rest of your life, she is in fact backed up by a lifetime warranty. When you break down the cost of a Valentina Girl to the rest of your life it comes out to a few cents per day. It is a very worthwhile investment in your happiness.

A Valentina Girl requires no maintenance at all except an occasional surface cleaning with a wet soapy sponge when you feel like she needs one.


Valentina Girl: You can drop a Valentina Girl from an airplane and she will not be damaged. A circus elephant can jump on her and she won't be damaged. No doll on earth even comes close to how tough a Valentina Girl is.

TPE or Silicone Dolls: TPE and silicone dolls are known to crack easily when subjected to physical pressure. Their internal skeleton is also susceptible to damage when subjected to force.

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