Real Heads

A Real Head is a realistic head that you can add on to your Valentina Girl. We have different models of heads available, all heads are available for any Valentina Girl. We can also create a custom Real Head for you based on a real person. The face has a medium-firm inner surface covered by the same soft fleece as the rest of her body.

Each head is made to order, so you can choose eye color, mouth shape-color-size, eyebrow shape-color-size. Special modifications are available on request, please contact us for details.

Please note that the real heads do not come with a mouth entrance, but you can add a fully functional Love Mouth.

After you place your order you will be asked about the details of your doll's face (eye color, mouth size-shape-color, eyebrows size-shape-color).

Real Heads

Real Head Rosina Light Skin

Real Head Rosina Brown Skin

Real Head Solina Light Skin

Real Head Solina Brown Skin

Real Head Bellina Light Skin

Real Head Bellina Brown Skin

Custom Real Heads

We can make a customized Real Head for your Valentina Girl based on a mold of a real face.

To make a customized Real Head, you will need to send us a face mold and a photo of the person you want to make a doll based on. We will also of course need a signed permission from the person to be depicted.

The easiest way to make a mold of your face is with plaster strips. Here is a good youtube video demonstrating how to do that: Plaster gauze mask making
Package the mold very carefully and mail it to us ( contact info here ) and we will make a face based on the mold.

Custom Real Heads

Custom Real Head

Add a Real Head to your old Valentina Girl who has a standard head

You can buy a Real Head on its own and attach it to your old Valentina Girl yourself. The new head is like a mask you can pull over your old Valentina Girl's head. Please see the video below for instructions.

You also have the option of a buttoned or zippered back on the head. That makes it very easy to put on and take off. It sits on stable, but there is a visible edge along the bottom.


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