Long Distance Sex With Valentina Girls

Are you in a long distance relationship? A relationship needs sex to thrive. Having a satisfying sex life in a long distance relationship doesn't have to be a challenge any more. Valentina Girl dolls make it possible for you to have a very satisfying sex life with your long distance partner.    
    It's all quite simple. Both of you get a Valentina Girl doll that resembles your partner.
You both attach your phones to your doll's face with the phone attachment and have intimate sexual encounters via video call with your partner.    
    This is not mutual masturbation via video link! This is real penetrating satisfying sex with your partner!

You both have wonderful sex with a doll that is like your partner together at the same time. One of you penetrates, the other is penetrated, and both in perfect sync! This is by far the best long distance sex available today!
Afterwards you can cuddle and hug each other as you share a loving conversation until you both fall asleep together.    
    When you're not having intimate moments together you can dress the doll in your partner's clothes, attach the phone and be together watching movies or having dinner together.
The attachment system is very simple consisting of a phone ring, a string, and a cord lock. You can add it to your doll when you buy her, but if you already have a Valentina and you want to add this to your existing doll you can easily create this yourself.    

    The ring attaches to any phone. One end of the string attaches to the loop on the back of the head closest to the head-hole. The other end is pulled through the head hole, out the mouth, through the ring, back through the mouth, through the cord lock, and tightened. Now you are ready to enjoy your Valentina together with someone on the other side of the world!

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