Naming Opalina

Loverboy :
Hi guys yeah it's the infamous Loverboy, lol I picked a new girl to join me. Opalina, I haven't made major alterations, except a belly button and a nice round butt. I seem to have a thing for the black ladies

Shes a cuddle model unstuffed, but I know where to get stuffing. I just find the cuddle models more cuddly and you can stuff them as much or as little as you like! You can make them squidgy or fully packed, lol she also kind of has a cute face, as she is, I've decided shes gonna be in her 40s, but I'm trying to think of a name for her, as im not too keen in Opalina, any suggestions for a deliciously cuddly black female?????


Loverboy :
Must say I'm impressed with the speedy service! I'm in the UK and it's only taken a few days and shes due with me today!

That is if Royal mail dont cock it up, lol

Thanks Robert

Loverboy :
Well the BBW Princess is here and stuffed. Took me a couple of hours. Tried to take a pic, but it wouldnt upload on here. She is pretty awesome and the round butt is a good addition.

Cheers Robert!

Loverboy :
I found a name for her guys, Saralina meaning Princess, lol I like it better than Opalina!!

Pablo :
Loverboy! Old friend 😁, I haven't posted anything for a while but when I saw a member of the old gang I had to!
Saralina is a great name Loverboy! I like it.
Hope we get to see some pictures of her soon😉

Loverboy :
Cheers Pablo. I've tried to upload pics, but for some reason I cant. But good to hear from you too buddy!

Mr Franz :
You can email your pics to Robert and he'll put them up for you. Love to see her.😊


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