Hairy Catalina

J :
My new Catalina arrived today, safe and sound. I unpacked her, see attached photo.


Mr Franz :

Pablo :
I see you like the hairy ladies my friend 😉, And who doesn't? 😁, I'm guessing that's the new mega bush? Very very nice 😉

J :
It is indeed, the very first one! I wanted a woman with a full fur pie and I got it!
I inspired Robert to offer that as a new option. I also wanted a woman with armpit hair, for the totally natural look! That picture is after I unpacked the box and I had everything spread out except for the bumpy tunnel, which was pre-installed. I refer to her as hairy hippie Catalina, same name as an island of the coast of Southern California. Maybe I should order a bikini online, dress her in that and post a picture in that or just her in all her natural glory now that the wig and inserts are installed. I also do not want women shaving their pussy and around their clit with a sharp razor, any more that I want to shave my cock and balls!


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