Cuddlesex :
I'd like to share a little appreciation for going in insertless.
I'm pretty new to this, I've always used various inserts with the two dolls I've had (a Palomina and a modded Quintina bunny) but recently, I've started removing Juniper's (my bunny) insert after use for sleeping, and one night I felt the need again so went in without an insert.
Was very pleasantly surprised!
It's not realistic at all, I'm not trying to say it's even comparable. A well-lubed insert feels real, obviously.
But the fleece lining, providing you've created a wide enough cavern inside tickles you in a way that is EXTREMELY pleasant. You aren't gonna be jackhammering, but gently nuzzling in and out is pure luxury; perfect for lazy/half asleep sessions.

Anyone else tried it?

32 days ago

in love with vg :
Try femidom.
its easier to clean after session...
32 days ago

Tyreef :
the split tunnels option is good for an insert less doll
31 days ago

in love with vg :
hi Tyreef, do you have split tunnels?
how was it?
do you use femidom?
or just tunnel?
or insert?
30 days ago

Tyreef :
I don't have split tunnels well..not yet. My next upgrade for my doll is gonna have split tunnels.
29 days ago

in love with vg :
when will you buy split tunnels?
I hope you tell us how it is.
I think robert have some surprise in short future.
26 days ago

Tyreef :
As soon as i save around 2000 to 2500
but yes i will!
23 days ago

in love with vg :
Hi again, now surprise is here.
bumpy tunnel.
try it its so good, I know, I'm first tester.:-)
22 days ago

Anonymous :
I've already put in the request for it and I'm getting some mouth details added on my order so it will be the first fully insert less doll!!
21 days ago

in love with vg :
who like bumpy tunnel?
I like it.
13 days ago

Pablo :
I'd love to try the bumpy tunnel my friend 😉
3 days ago


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