New Doll ideas

Bustylover79 :
I think we should start a new forum page for people to share their new doll ideas...

No matter how weird and wonderful, this should be the place...

I'll orc lady is nearly here, however I have already been in contact with Robert about a new 4XL breasted hermaphrodite doll...

324 days ago

Mr Franz :
Maybe a Valentina Girl with the ability to stand or a head that can turn right and left.
323 days ago

in love with vg :
my latest idea will be at homepage in short time.
about face.
323 days ago

David :
Some new (realistic) skin colours. Asian, Pale, Tanned...etc.

I'd also like better looking nipples as an option, which don't stick out as far and have smaller areola, and perhaps waterproof (tpe) lips/nipples too.
320 days ago

in love with VG :
thicker calves and thighs about 2-3'', so legs are like hourglass
320 days ago

ZMgrendel :
Perhaps 2 ideas, 1. Doll height could go up to 6, 7, 8 feet tall for tall people, 2. The doll to be able to eat small foods and even small plushies muppet style,
316 days ago

dollpunk :
I love the idea from Mr Franz that the head ist able to slightly move right and left.
An other idea maybe a bit more petite version of the dolls.
316 days ago

in love with vg :
check button on head. Option for your vg.from my brain....
312 days ago

Tyreef :
How about a version of hands that use the same posing system as the super model?
310 days ago

Tyreef :
Another idea is something i call Tailoring where you can offer to get an outfit for a valintina doll that they will be shipped in, for an extra fee of couse! This will help those who have issues finding clothing for their VTD.
309 days ago

David :
I like Tyreef's clothing option idea.
308 days ago

Fence Sitter :
How about a mermaid option?
305 days ago

Loverboy :
How about a transdoll. I know there are options on here, but transexual females do seem popular and some look as good or better than non transgender, especially someone like Aubrey Kate.

What I'm thinking is a completely new model to join the other Sisters
305 days ago

Robert (not the owner) :
What about a heating option?
300 days ago

in love with VG :
Why not. But they are hot. so if real winter here in north scandinavia...
299 days ago

Tyreef :
'@Robert (not the owner)

Only issue i see with a heating option if a fire hazard but if we can put the tech of a heating blanket in a VTD that would be awesome!
298 days ago

Robert at Valentinagirls :
I've been following this thread closely guys, but I haven't said anything myself since I don't want to influence the discussion. I'm implementing stuff from this thread in new features. For example the new posable core that should be live before the week includes material from this thread :)
289 days ago

Draco75 :
I still like my idea of tits that actually can milk like the real thing. Just instead you can use your favorite beverages. I am not referring to the nipple holes. I'm suggesting being able to suck on your Valentina's tits and milk her proper like. At the same time her tits won't leak either kind of like a baby's bottle nipple. I guess it's just me but I think that would be kinda cool especially on a Valentina with Xl to xxl tits. Or bigger if you prefer. Any helpful suggestions??
284 days ago

Robert (not the owner) :
Beer boobs in bed! Yeah! I support that idea!
276 days ago

Draco75 :
I was thinking of soda myself. But beer boobs does have a cute tone.
276 days ago

Puppeteer :
@Robert (not the owner): My doll has a heating option for the vagina. Itīs an amazing feeling!

I bought small heating pads and sew it outside of the vagina love tunnel. The cable goes through her body to the head where i placed the switch and a pow
251 days ago

Tyreef :
here is an idea what about a moveable jaw option?
176 days ago

in love with valentina :
tighter inside vagina for us femidom user.
some insert in plush.
157 days ago

in love with vg :
adjustable firmness tits.
153 days ago

Tyreef :
We have a realistic pussy and asshole option. What about a realistic mouth option with a uvula and tonsils?
55 days ago

Mike :
I've been thinking about a cat girl with leopard or tiger skin along with ears and a tail
52 days ago

Sgt Pepper :
Here is Asian, with calves

50 days ago

Hogaard :
Nice calves will that be a new option?
46 days ago

in love with vg :
check 274 days this post.
45 days ago

Sgt Pepper :
You get the calves by taking in the ankle and a little at the knee.
43 days ago


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