Candy & Kitty

Mike :
Candy showed up today and she's perfectly fine. :) Here's Kitty with her Busty Buddy Candy. :)
I'm very happy with how Candy turned out and she looks great with Kitty. :)

35 days ago

in love with valentina :
size bj lips?
33 days ago

Mike :
I finally got a good picture of Kitty and Candy relaxing together. :)

33 days ago

Big J :
Look great Mike! I like how the realistic face looks. You are well on your way to a harem.
33 days ago

Mike :
Yeah the face is cool. :)
Now that I have the two I tried to get a few places to make for a long time and they came out great I think two is enuph. :)

32 days ago

Mike :
Kitty and Candy Having Fun :)

13 days ago

Pablo :
I wanna join that party too😉
12 days ago

Mike :
lol :)
12 days ago

Mike :
Doesn't matter what they are doing Kitty and Candy are Great together. :)

5 days ago


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