B :
Ana, she finally made it. Ana is beautiful. Thanks again for stuffing consulting. extra options, great service and of course the cuddly lady.


29 days ago

B :
Thank you all for the inspirations on the forum
Roselina Cuddle
* fleece hair extra long
* belly button
* clit
* fleece bush
* bubble butt
* 12oz_stuff
* head opening
29 days ago

Doll Gamer :
Really liking her bush and her fleece hair! Congrats on your lovely new lady, B! That hair reminds me of box braids and gives me some ideas of my own whenever I've got the money to get another VG.
28 days ago

B :
Thank you, Doll Gamer. I can recommend the fleece hair and fleece bush. It is super cuddly and soft. The hair isn't really a box braid. But a box braid would be awesome. I am looking forward to see pics of your next VG.
27 days ago

Pablo :
I like the fleece bush! Always thought bushes were kinda rough🤣 but in fleece it might be a good idea 😉
17 days ago

B :
I like it a lot.

17 days ago


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