Best Hole

Pablo :
What do you guys think is the best hole on the Valentina Girls? For me it's the butt 😋 So nice and tight 😀


El Presidente de la Republica de Paraguay :
I hear you Pablo but I'm gonna be a bit old fashion and go with the good old pussy 😉 It's the most powerful thing known to man! Countless men throughout history have destroyed themselves over pussy! Now we can get it risk free from Valentina Girls! They're quite the life savers really 😀

Natalina The Milf :
Has to be my lips and mouth. I like to deep throat my guy and taste every drop. Then I guess my tiny butt, soft silky and tight and then my smooth pussy, which loves to be licked and fucked.
Sorry I know you wanted the guys to answer, but I thought I'd give you a woman's perspective, lol

Pablo :
😊 A valentina Girl's perspective is always welcome 😉

Marv :
Well I do like to explore the different holes and angles but I tend to gravitate back to the pussy. I'd say about 75% of the time spent inside her is in her pussy.

Jim :
I like all her holes, all in different ways. But I do this thing where I only go in her butt on special occasions to keep that as a special exclusive reward hole so to say 😉 Adds a bit of realism to my whole relationship with her. Something to look forward to 😊

thomas :
I love her mouth, with her on her knees, pleasing me with the pouty lips.


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