Cuddle vs. Super vs. Hyper vs. Travel

Our standard dolls come in four different types.

The economical
Cuddle Performance models are perfect if you are looking for a cuddly sexdoll that will give you very fulfilling sex. The Cuddle models are very good sexdolls that can perform all the Easy Sex Positions as well as a variety of other positions.

If you want to go beyond the easy sex positions we recommend the
Super Performance models. They have an internal core that gives them the rigidity and flexibility to perform Advanced Sex Positions and Acrobatic Sex Positions as well as a variety of other positions.

For the most ultimate sexual experiences, things that can't be done with any real woman you need the
Ultimate Hyper Performance models. These dolls have an enhance internal core and triple enforced seams. There is nothing sexually imaginable that these dolls cannot do. Seemingly Impossible Sex Positions can be done, and they are also excellent for couples wanting a doll for Threesomes; the possibilities are endless.

Travel Performance models are unstuffed shells of Cuddle Models. They have a hole on the side of one of their hips where you add stuffing yourself. They are designed for travel since you can take them with you in a small bag and stuff them with pillows and blankets when you get to your destination. They are also the most economical option due to both their lower price and the lower shipping cost. MORE ABOUT TRAVEL PERFORMANCE MODELS


Curvy ladies with internal cores are ideal for sexual adventures. Florina and Marsalina with their bigger boobs and bigger behinds give you more to play with.

Florina Super or Hyper Model

Marsalina Super or Hyper Model

Melina Super or Hyper Model

Shalina Super or Hyper Model

The travel ladies when unstuffed can be folded into very small spaces and are ideal for both traveling and hiding. They fit very easily in a small bag.

Quintina Travel Model

Catalina Travel Model

Amorina Travel Model

Natalina Travel Model

The chubby ladies are the cuddliest of course, and the cuddle versions are of course even cuddlier.

Palomina Cuddle or Travel Model

Opalina Cuddle or Travel Model

Florina Cuddle or Travel Model

Marsalina Cuddle or Travel Model

Slim ladies with internal cores are ideal for acrobatic sex. The Super Models are great, but for the absolute ultimate in sex you may want to go with a Hyper Model.

Quintina Super or Hyper Model

Catalina Super or Hyper Model

Amorina Super or Hyper Model

Natalina Super or Hyper Model

Look at the table below for some more info on the different types. If you have questions please feel free to emails us at:

This one is for you if... want to have pleasant and fulfilling sex and you also want someone to cuddle with and have as company. want to explore the frontiers of sex and you need a really good sex partner to do that with. want to have absolutely crazy and insanely intense sexual experiences that you could never have with a real woman. You want to have sex that is so incredibly great that nothing will ever compare. want to be able to take her with you absolutely everywhere and be able to store and hide her easily.
SEXUAL PERFORMANCE The Cuddle models are great for cuddly sex and hugging. The Super-Performance models are created for the most incredible sex you can imagine. The Super-Performance models are true sexual athletes. They are as good as the best real woman you can ever imagine. The Ultimate Hyper-Performance models go beyond what is humanly possible for a real woman to do for you sexually. These ladies behave in a way that is simply not physically possible for a real woman. After you have stuffed them they become Cuddle Models and behave in the same exact way giving you the same cuddly sex as the Cuddle Models do.
You can still have great sex with a cuddle model even though she has no internal core, but not the acrobatic positions you can have with a core. The cuddle models are like teddy bears shaped like sexy ladies with all the love holes included.
Has internal core
The firm internal skelton core is what gives a Valentina Girl her amazing sexual performance. If you want to experience the fantastic sex that only a Valentina Girl can offer you, then the internal core is necessary!
Enhanced internal core
The internal core in these ladies is heavier and the bones have a certain amount of bend to them. This allows for sexual experiences beyond your wildest dreams.
No internal core
The Travel Models have no internal core and are designed for cuddly sex. They behave in the same way as the Cuddle Models.
These dolls are softer and can be bent in almost any way.
These dolls are firmer. The internal core keeps her body stiff on the inside the same way a skeleton keeps a real woman's limbs firm.
These dolls are firmer deep down but softer on the surface to allow for maximum bending and twisting.
Depends on how hard you stuff them and with what.
STORAGE, PACKING, HIDING Fits in a carry-on
The Cuddle models fit in smaller spaces. She fits effortlessly in a carry-on bag, but smaller bags can hold her with some pushing.
Fits in a suitcase
You can put a Super-Performance model in a suitcase without any effort. You can put her in smaller places if you squeeze her.
Fits in a suitcase
You can put an Ultra-Performance model in a suitcase without any effort. You can put her in smaller places if you squeeze her.
As big as 2 sweaters
The Travel Model fits in a very small space. When she is unstuffed she’s as big as 2 folded sweaters.
LOVE HOLES All four types have all 3 love holes.
All the holes on all the models are compatible with standard inserts and masturbators.

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