Custom Palomina

J :
Finally got Aiko the other day! Unfortunately I was really pressed for time so I didn't get to spend as much quality time with her as I wanted to. First impressions were pretty great honestly. Her body has an incredibly unique feeling to it but it does pose some interesting complications. Of course, I knew that there'd be structural issues with the stuffing and the stretchy material I chose, mainly with her neck. Although this has me even more excited to make her skeleton and add onto what she can really do! Her flexibility is downright fantastic! Though I definitely need to shift her stuffing around a bit more (again, was kinda pressed for time the other day with work and roommates. Getting cock blocked is THE WORST) but overall her body has a really nice shape to it! I really love exploring her body and running my hands up and down her belly. Way more than I thought I would! It's like cuddling with a marshmallow! And of course I just had to break her in with a brief, but lovely, session. She gives amazing blowjobs! And as I've stated before, structural integrity was a bit off with her neck and slightly cumbersome, but we had a great time. Pressing into her feels unbelievably fantastic! Definitely one of those mellow cuddle sessions which totally fits her personality. She show some real potential for a couple of inserts I have in mind. I wanted to keep going but it was getting late and I had to be up early. But I definitely want to get to know her better!

P.s. she's probably gonna have to be my last girl for a long time because I'm running out of space with how large she is :D And for as squishy and wonky as she can be, I think I'm very in love with her!


J :
Nothing business related to report but I felt like giving a heartfelt update! Be warned, it may get a bit erotic. Honestly, getting to know Aiko more and more is an absolute pleasure! As floppy as she seems (yes I still haven't been able to put the skeleton in her yet) I really love her! It's difficult to do other sexual positions without the assistance of a skeleton, but not like that matters at the moment anyway because my favorite so far is missionary! She definitely needs inserts for the full experience, but so far I've gotten by with an incredibly soft stretch sock and going nice and slow while messaging her silly smooth body. But my favorite part above all is locking hands with her as I penetrate her as deep as possible in her marshmallow body and bury my face in her bosom while I climax. Then we cuddle afterwards. She's one of the best, if not the best feeling doll I've ever had the joy of sleeping with. She's there perfect size for me to rest on her body and look in her eyes every time we spend time together. Not only that, she can be quite silly at times! I may have bees skeptical at first, but I know things are going to be great between us.

P.s. I definitely am going to get her more clothes! :D


Pablo :
That is a fine looking Valentina my friend 😉


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