Amber - Pregnant Catalina

Kevin :
Well she is awesome and looks great, she was a hit, she is a sexy doll for sure, great to hug and hold, the details on her, like her pregnant belly, her belly button, ears, her calves and her butt been defined. I definitely wanna buy another soon, I recommend these girls, there cheaper then silicon tpe, dolls, these girls are made with care, and customer service is beyond excellent. I think next one will be a bigger bust, maybe a twin pregnancy belly, if possible, and one of the bigger dolls, the cuddle version is recommended, and she hides in her box very well. Thank you Robert again, now I wish I did more to her.


in love with vg :
I agree, good quality and service from robert.
just ask if you want, I have 3 1/2 vg


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