Real Nipples

in love with vg :
Pleae tell me about real nipples.
How they feel.
Who ordered first?
Thanks for idea.

185 days ago

Worgensnack :
I would also like to know how they feel
183 days ago

Adam :
I can report that the real nipples are very soft & supple. With the standard cloth nipples I felt at liberty to be harsh with them; pulling, biting, etc. But with the real nipples you need to be more gentle, like with a real woman. Licking, sucking, & gentle pinching are very realistic.
167 days ago

In love with VG :
Are nipples still in place?
hard stuck?
150 days ago

Ben :
I've had my Catalina with real nipples for a couple of months now. They're still going strong. I notice my lips turn a bit red when I suck on them 🤣🤣 but that's fine. Of all the extras I ordered for my doll the real nipples are my favorite 👍
92 days ago

ZT :
They feel very real! I have a TPE doll as well, and I do love how she feels, but she's way too heavy for me to enjoy banging. The real nipples on my Valentina and a TPE inserts makes her feel right in the important places while being light enough for me to enjoy😍
38 days ago


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