Wigs on Real Heads

Harry :
Excuse my English.
How do you attach the wigs to the new realistic heads?
With us they slip off quickly.
The technique with the loops is not good.
My attempt with these tights like over and sew on wig also does not hold well.
Do you have any ideas?

35 days ago

Jack :
I've sewn mine on with needle and thread. Just a few stitches along the edge so the seam can be easily popped to remove the wig. The whole procedure takes two minutes.
And your English is fine Harry😉 No need for excuses😊
35 days ago

Mr Franz :
I've found that the adjustable elastic straps under the wig cap, when tightened fully, are sufficient to hold the wig in place on my real head Valentina. I even removed the loops sewn to the head.
35 days ago


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