Snake Lady for Loverboy

Cuddlesex :
Couple of potential origin stories for you plus a pic for inspiration. I wrote an erotic sword & planet story about a sexy snake lady a while ago so I'm quite into snake ladies myself ;)

Supernatural origin;
Having heard on a forum about a mysterious book made of snakeskin, within being the incantation to summon the reader's ''true love'' you find yourself staring at the book in a second hand bookstore.
The owner has never seen it before so gives it to you for free.
Upon reading the incantation, a green woman/snake appears, bites your neck, paralysing you. She moves above you and you see her scales part, revealing a glistening vagina. She mates with you, then as the venom wears off, declares you belong to her until you impregnate her.

Natural origin;
Aggressive mimickery has long been an adaptation for wild creatures.
Recently, a bizarre species of snake has been discovered deep in the amazon with an upper half that resembles a beautiful human female.
Theory suggests that its main prey is humans native to the area, and the most successful examples of the species began to develop adaptations to look like human females to lure men into the jungle where an attempt at sex results in the man's crushing-death and devouring.
However, well-fed creatures can be kept domestically and are very popular with black-market exotic pet fanatics.
Allegedly, the creatures will have sex with these owners providing they are well-fed.


Loverboy :
Cheers for doing that. Nice photo. Most of the Lamia's or snake women I've seen are Anime type or Manga. There are quite a few ASMRs of Lamia's ( I'm sure you probably heard of ASMR ). A good one on YouTube is Dangerous ASMR who does roleplay.

I'm liking the second story, adopting a Lamia as a pet through the black market, but she becomes the more dominant one

Pablo :
She's very pretty my friend😊 But I must ask... How do you make love to her? I mean, how does she spread her legs?🤣

Loverboy :
Where there's a will there's always a way Pablo!

Have you never made love to a snake woman? You don't know what you're missing! She wraps herself around you, cuddles you and then a small wet opening appears just above her tail and she sucks your manhood inside the opening and hey presto your away!

They are very dominant women!!!!!

Starman Bob :
Did the snake girl ever happen? I'm getting a Valentina soon, with some animal features, and snakes are so hot!

Loverboy :
Hi Starman Bob, I decided on a Bunny girl, similar to the one Cuddlesex adopted and she is very cute.
What type of animal features are you getting?

in love with :
some picture.
how is bj with bunny?

Loverboy :
BJ is fab with bunny!

Pablo :
So quiet on the snakegirl. Any news on any snakely ladies?

nevesver :
I am in initial discussions to potentially creating a naga/lamia lady. Nothing is for certain yet, but if you are wondering that there's still interest: Yes. Yes there is.

Pablo :
That's good to hear my friend 😊 Snakes are sexy creatures 😉

nevesver :
Well, gentlemen (and ladies) it looks like the Lamia girl might see realization! I just ordered and gave Robert the instructions. Thanks to Cuddlesex & all for the inspiration.

Robert at Valentinagirls :
Yep! And what a lamia she turned out to be ;) Here's what she looks like.
and here are some more pictures: Snake Tail.

Worgen :
Yo!! She's looking good


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