Kangaroo Rabbit

Cuddlesex :
In anticipation of the bunny girl I'm about to purchase, I've written her a short backstory I thought I'd share!


Congratulations! You have chosen to adopt a female giant australian kangaroo rabbit!
Here is a short guide to caring for your new companion;

Found recently on a newly-discovered island off the eastern coast of australia, the kangaroo rabbit is an approximately five foot long marsupial that resembles a humanlike rabbit, roughly the size of a large kangaroo.
The species has very short, soft fur, and subsists on grasses and root vegetables.
A prime example of island gigantism, the giant kangaroo rabbit has managed to overpopulate the tiny island, putting the other inhabitants in danger.
To combat this, we are reaching out to animal lovers to adopt the excess population.

Kangaroo rabbits are very docile, friendly and affectionate owing to their lack of natural predators on the island. Their only contact with humans has been friendly as hunting is banned on the island thanks to it now being private land.

As an adopter of a female giant kangaroo rabbit, you will find yourself with a loyal companion that will follow you everywhere you go and require very little care and grooming as they are very clean animals.

Ideally, a doe requires a simple bed, ideally a mattress on the floor, and access to food and water.
Leaving out a sack of root vegetables for the rabbit to eat at its leisure is ideal, as is a large bowl of water, though a doe will drink from a bottle offered by a human.

Relentless breeders, females are very fertile.
Owners should ideally provide their companion some form of ''relief object. ''
A large, stiff pillow will usually suffice as the rabbit will spend a lot of her time ''humping'' with it.

Naturally trusting and affectionate, the doe will follow her owner everywhere given the freedom to do so, and will often wish to sleep in her owner's bed.
Take note, however, that if you are male and adopt a female kangaroo rabbit, she will consider you her mate and may try initiate mating with you.
This usually takes the form of the doe laying on her back and spreading her legs, exposing her vagina.
This is normal behavior for the doe so do not admonish or punish the animal.
If you wish, you may apply an affectionate rub to her vaginal area to stimulate and relax her, though this will be understandably odd and somewhat awkward for many rabbit owners.

Alternatively you should lay your rabbit's ''humping'' pillow on top of her and move it gently to simulate mating, if you prefer.

Female kangaroo rabbits have two ''breasts'' at the top of their chests. Their four actual nipples are inside their tummy pouch that remains sealed until they give birth, and the pair of round, soft growths on their chests are actually merely a protective cushion to protect the female during mating, as the animal most often mates in what we would recognise as the ''missionary position,'' with the doe on her back and the buck on top of her holding her down with his forepaws.
Massaging these growths can relax your doe, so when petting your companion make sure you don't avoid them.
In some examples of the species these growths can grow extremely large.

Kangaroo rabbit bodies do trigger an uncanny valley response in new owners, as they can seem remarkably humanlike, particularly after they have spent some time with their owner and learned to mimic their behavior, such as sitting upright on sofas.

Spend lots of time with your new companion. Let her sit with you while you relax, make sure to show her lots of affection, let her cuddle up to you whenever she wishes, and don't feel put off by her romantic advances toward you. The oddness will soon pass and you will find ways to soothe your new companion.
Remember, in her mind, you are a mated pair, and female kangaroo rabbits are fiercely loyal.

Now, this may be a sensitive subject, but there have been occasions of unintentional sex between humans and giant kangaroo rabbits, usually when the doe has climbed into a male owner's bed and initiated intercourse with them while they are sleeping. The uncannily-humanlike presence of the doe in your bed can be confusing in the dark, and while many men realise what is happening and stop, others have reached climax and gone back to sleep, only to realise what has happened the next morning.
A kangaroo rabbit vagina is very tight but can comfortably accommodate a human penis, so if any accidents do occur, you won't harm your companion, neither can you impregnate her should your doe make you accidentally ejaculate inside her.
This behavior should not be encouraged, but do not be concerned if you find yourself a victim of your companion's urges.

Mr C from the UK told us; ''My wife and I adopted Juniper a couple of months ago. She isn't particularly interested in my wife but she adores me. One night, I felt my wife wake me by nuzzling me with her mouth down below, which is unusual for her. We then had sex and afterwards I went back to sleep. In the morning when I asked my wife ''what brought that on?'' she did not have a clue what I was on about. I managed to figure out that my wife had gone to the bathroom during the night and I had accidentally had sex with Juniper. I did find it odd that my wife suddenly had a tight athletic body with large breasts and the tightest pussy I'd ever felt, but I was half asleep. I have since developed a sleepwalking disorder and I'm afraid Juniper takes advantage of it when I invariably end up sleepwalking downstairs to her bed. I must accidentally have sex with her six or seven nights a week. More if I have a nap during the day. She is a very naughty bunny. My wife has commented that I'm much more cheerful these days though. ''

There is a conspiracy theory that the kangaroo rabbit was genetically engineered in a secret laboratory on the small island to be the perfect companion, but that is utter nonsense.
It is sheer coincidence that such an adorable animal exists that is passably humanlike, mute, happy to sit and cuddle while you watch movies and play games, with a relentless sex drive.

So, enjoy your new companion, and know you are playing your part in saving these beautiful creatures while their habitat heals!

To reiterate; don't worry if you accidentally have lots of constant sex with your new companion, she wants it too ;)

249 days ago

Loverboy :
Great story!
247 days ago

Loverboy :
After reading this again, I want one. Can someone give me the adoption details! Can we see what she looks like?
247 days ago

Doll Gamer :
I second this, Loverboy! I think most folks here know how much I like animal girls, so you know Iím excited to see some pics of her, too!
247 days ago

Loverboy :
I'm intrigued to firstly know if she's a cross between a Kangaroo and a bunny with a pouch or a curvy bunny.
The background story intrigues me too. Firstly Mr.C comes from the UK. I come from the UK, lol. Maybe Cuddlesex does???? Secondly the description of the Doe kind of makes me want to adopt one. If they are mute can they understand language?. How do they communicate?. Also are they brown or lighter skinned? Do they have oral skills too? On the custom page there is a custom that looks a little like a bunny. She has a real head, but no open mouth as such
247 days ago

Loverboy :
Sorry Doll Gamer forgot to say I was kind of looking to maybe adopt a Lamia/snake woman, but my ideas have hit a snag, maybe Cuddlesex could give me some creative input. He does seem very creative.
247 days ago

Cuddlesex :
Robert's gonna send me a pic before she ships, can't wait to see her myself!

247 days ago

Cuddlesex :
@Loverboy, Yeah I'm English!

Yeah kangarabbits are mute, they are animals.
A couple of thousand years ago a now-extinct small, cat-sized marsupial found its way onto the island off the south-east coast of australia, and with no predators and an
246 days ago

Loverboy :
Where do you live in the UK? I live in the South East, in Sussex. Obviously I don't wanna give too much info out, as I don't know how secure this site is, but if your interested in maybe chatting more there is someway we could do it.

Before coming here I use to be on the UK doll forum site and met a couple of guys. Have been up to visit them up North and had a get together with our fabric dolls. Only thing is I'm in my early 50s, but in many respects my mind and actions are that of a 20 year old, lol
246 days ago

Cuddlesex :
I'm in Leeds, a true norfman lol.
I'm late 30s but still about 15 mentally lol.

Yeah I used to like the UKDF but that site just doesn't run well, though it may be my phone.

I've started a discord, which is basically a more fancy whatsapp groupchat, click the link on that thread and we can chat on there!
245 days ago

Loverboy :
I've been to Leeds many years ago! My other friends live further North in Durham. I actually like the city of York!

245 days ago

Loverboy :
Still going strong with my Kangaroo Bunny, best purchase I ever made on here.
42 days ago

Fence Sitter :
34 days ago

nevesver :
@Fence Sitter - If you look at the Customize link under features or the Custom Mods link in Options, there are quite a few photos of the Kangaroo Bunny.
17 days ago


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