Charlotte, A Valentina Girl Erotic Short Story inspired by Palomina Pig

Cuddlesex :

19 days ago

Pablo :
Now that's what I call a great story my friend😁 Soooo gooood!😋
19 days ago

Draco75 :
Next chapter please!! Does Charlotte get pregnant?? Does the government suits find out!! If so do they want the offsprings?? Next chapter please....
8 days ago

Cuddlesex :
I'm going to be giving the story a slight rewrite and publishing it on Kindle with the rest of my erotic scifi/fantasy, I'll let you know!
5 days ago

Cuddlesex :
Hi all! I had to ask Robert to take the story down before it goes on Kindle, sorry!

I'll let you all know when it's available there 😁
3 days ago


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