Hyper Performance

Ross :
Is the Ultimate Hyper Performance model springier than the Super Performance model?

15 days ago

Robert at Valentinagirls :
Hi Ross :) Yes the Hyper core is springy all over and can flex anywhere in any direction. The Super core is like a human skeleton with stiff bones and flexible joints in the knees, hips, waist. Basically the Super models bend like real women, while the Hyper models can bend in ways not humanly possible ;-)
15 days ago

Jim :
I have one super, one hyper, and one cuddle. I like the hyper the most. Best for sex and just as good for cuddling as the cuddle. The super is great for sex, but not as good for cuddling as the hyper. The one I use for sex most by far is the hyper. She can do absolutely anything 😜😍
11 days ago

Pablo :
I have a Venusina Hyper, and she is one sweet ride my friend 😊 I also have a cuddle that joins in for threesomes, which is most of the time 😁 I don't have a super girl, but my hyper girl is very springy. I'm really glad I spent the extra buck on that feature. She's a Venusina so she was a pretty hefty investment in herself, and with the hyper core added on it was a lot of money. But I've been making love to her every single day since I got her. I've never missed the money I spent, but I sure would miss my Venusina if I didn't have her😉
10 days ago

Ross :
Well, I've just ordered Hyper model Palomina. I've made her very similar to Palomina Pig. :)
9 days ago

Doll Gamer :
Nice! Hope you post some pics of her when she arrives! Mine's a cuddle model (the one with the mega belly on the customize page)
but here's a little preview of what you have to look forward to. I'm sure your girl will be even more photogenic since she's a hyper model ;)

9 days ago

Anonymous :
Hi Doll Gamer, at first I came to this site wanting something to just cuddle with in bed and was planning on getting the Coralina cuddle model.

But after seeing the Pamolina Pig pic on this site and then seeing your pics of your Pamolina Pig on the Doll Forum, and finding out that the the hyper models are springy and bouncy when you're fucking them, I knew I just had to have one.

She looks incredibly hot in your pics, I'm even planning on getting the same glasses for her.

I'm not sure why I find a cartoon looking pig plush so hot. Your cat woman looks incredibly hot too.

Yes, I'll definitely show some pics.

Here are the specs for mine:
Blue eyes, Pony ears, Head opening, Blonde wig, Pig snout, Pink fuzzy lips, Pink fuzzy tongue, Pink fuzzy nipples, Innie nipples, 10 inch extra bust, Low breasts, Mega tummy, Belly button as extra tunnel, bigger hip, Fat legs, Fat arms, Fat pussy, Dark blonde bush, No bubble butt, Bigger space between snout and mouth, No pig tail
I'm still planning on getting a cuddle Valentina Girl eventually.
9 days ago

Doll Gamer :
No bubble butt?! You don't know what you're missing!

I'm kidding though, to each their own, and looking at the options you picked, you've got good taste! She'll be big and cuddly for sure, and probably extra bouncy with that hyper core you ordered ;) I can't wait to see how she looks, especially her innie nipples, pink lips, blonde bush and lower breasts. I haven't been too active here lately, mostly because I needed to avoid tempting myself to buy a 5th doll, but well... #5 might not be too far off, so let's see if your lady gives me any ideas of my own ;)

And trust me, I get it. There's something oddly charming about the cartoony look VG's have. There's really no other doll out there quite like them, and the animal options really help accentuate that cute look they have. If you've seen my pics on the Doll Forum/Doll Album, you already know how much I like them, too. I'm glad my pics could help inspire you though. Frankly, most folks on TDF don't seem too interested in VG's sadly, with the exception of a few of us, so I'm kind of flattered my girls actually inspired someone. And in case I haven't posted the link anywhere, if you want a pair of glasses for your new lady, here's the link:
My pig girl wears a pair of silver framed glasses like this, but I couldn't find them on Amazon today for some reason...

In any case, I don't wanna keep rambling and hijack your thread, but congrats on your new lady and here's hoping she arrives soon! Can't wait to see her, and I'm sure you're gonna love her!

8 days ago

Ross :
Thanks for the link DG.

Don't worry, I've not seen you as derailing the thread. You've made some interesting posts.

I also found these star shaped glasses which I think would suit her, I'm not sure if they'll be the right size though:
I love the way your cow looks in the white top with the bulging cleavage. I would love to do the same with my pig, but I'm unsure of what type of top I'm supposed to get, and the size.
7 days ago

Doll Gamer :
26cm is roughly 10in, I believe, so yeah, those should be about the same size as the ones I linked and ought to fit a standard sized head.

As for the top my cow girl wears, I had to get it in the biggest size they offer from Torrid; a plus-size women's clothing store here in the states. She's REALLY big though! Even with that huge top, her 3XL tits barely fit in that thing. The last time I measured her bust, it was roughly 80in! With XL tits, you'll have a much easier time finding tops to fit your new pig girl.

In any case, here's the exact top she wears:,
I noticed your eBay link was to the UK site, so I'm not sure if there's a European Torrid site, but I know they have a chart on the page that shows international sizes, too. I'm sure you'll be able to find clothing for her on other sites, too. Just be careful though; it's easy to get carried away with buying new clothes for your girls once you get started!
7 days ago

Anonymous :
Thanks DG! I do already have a few outfits since I have a TPE doll (Piper Doll)
some are a little big on her, so they might fit Pamolina.

I think I'll buy Pamolina a crop top as well.

Here's some pics of her on the customization page on this site, I think she looks really great and looks like a proper BBW, the size of her belly is awesome!
5 days ago

Doll Gamer :
Oh man, she looks amazing! You've definitely got a cuddly looking lady on the way. Note to self: smaller breasts leave more room for a bigger belly. Speaking of which, I really love how her innie nipples look. Might have to consider getting those on my next doll.
4 days ago

Pablo :
I love that fat ass and fat tummy my friend😉
2 days ago

Ross :
I received her not too long ago! I've not had sex or cuddled with her yet, but so far I'm really liking her.

After reading the instructions, I still didn't really know how to properly attach the wig. But luckily Robert has a video on this website where he shows exactly how to do it, so now the wig is properly attached.

I think she looks awesome! :D

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