Sex Robot

Robot guy :
Iíd love to hear how the robotic doll is coming along. Itís very exciting and I canít wait

16 days ago

Robert at Valentinagirls :
Hi Robot guy :) We ran into some delays on that project, but it's still active. We want the robot not only to be functional, but also safe and durable. I was hoping to have her for sale this spring already, but we need her to be perfect first. I hope we'll have her ready later this year.
16 days ago

Bear :
The project sounds great. How much would such a robotic doll cost?
14 days ago

Robert at Valentinagirls :
Too early to tell exactly. But let me ask you guys this. What would be more important in a sex robot; body movement such as in the current prototype, or facial movements?
We've been focused on body movements, but maybe facial movements are a good road to go down too?
14 days ago

Mr Franz :
Facial movement; that's interesting. Maybe with eye movement and the ability to smile? That'd be nice, but I fear well beyond my budget.
13 days ago

nevesver :
I've been following this project for some time, and it definitely looks tantalizing.

Given the key plus of a robotic core is to provide the proactive/reactive sexual movements, I would consider that the first priority. If adding facial movements do not overly increase the cost, great; otherwise that could be part of a deluxe line.
13 days ago

Bear :
A human face is super complex. It is very likely that facial movement looks creepy and / or boring.

So I think it is better to focus on body movement first and then expend the project from where.
12 days ago

Doll Gamer :
I think Bear's right; facial movement would probably be rather difficult, maybe even more so with a plush doll. That said, if some simple facial movements were added, like having her open her mouth wider or if it was possible to give her eyelids that can open or close, that'd be pretty nice! One thing I'd really love to see is if her neck could move back and forth. Imagine the possibilities if she could move her head back and forth on her own while you just lie back and enjoy it ;)
10 days ago


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