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Fence Sitter :
A word about customer service to those wondering if they should buy...

I wanted to let everyone know of the outstanding (that word doesn't do justice) customer service I have received from Robert.

I had an issue with a doll I purchased a while back. While it was a known defect it was still just over a year ago the purchase was made.

The sterling service I received from Robert went way above and beyond my expectation, and he remained in communication with me DAILY and updating me with with regular status updates.

I have absolutely no doubt that should you make a purchase that you will be well-cared for, not only after the initial purchase, but well beyond what you would normally expect.

He was also equally helpful when I was trying to make a decision between buying a Teddy Babe and a Valentina. I am glad to have made the right decision.

Hats off to Robert and his ''crew''!

I cannot say ''thank you'' enough!

-Fence Sitter

22 days ago

Robert at Valentinagirls :
You're very welcome Fence Sitter :) And thanks for being a great customer :)
21 days ago

Harry :
I can only agree with Fence Sitter.
1A service from Robert. I had other problems with my Valentia. I don't regret the purchase either.
I would only have wished for the real head a little earlier :-) Well and oral capable.
20 days ago


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