Taking photos of brown girls

Pablo :
Does anyone have any good ideas of how to take good pictures of the brown ones. My Marsalina is so much prettier in real life than in the pictures I try to take of her. The flash reflects back and creates these big areas of light that are not there in reality.

157 days ago

Puppeteer :
Don't use a flash... use a fleshlight :)

Really, flash is hard to control to make nice looking pictures. It doesn't matter if it is a human or a brown valentina. Modern cameras can handle low light situations quite good!

If you need to use a flash, let the flash bounce from a wall or ceiling.
157 days ago

Pablo :
Thanks Puppeteer 😊 but, I've been using a Fleshlight with her the whole time 🤣🤣, No, but I just use my phone to take pictures, not a real camera. I will try with lots of extra lights.
156 days ago

in love with valentina :
How is it to take picture outside in the sunlight?

but dont forget fleshlight…:-)
156 days ago

Puppeteer :
Direct Sunlight is difficult. Better place your doll in front of a big window at a cloudy day. Then you can experiment with different directions of the light...
154 days ago

Ted :
If you invest in some continous lighting with softboxes, you'll get much better light. A basic kit costs around $250USD.
102 days ago

RR :
They come out much better on video.
15 days ago

Mr Franz :
Photographing Brown Valentinas is challenging to say the least. Flash and other harsh lighting is definitely something you want to avoid. Soft, defused lighting works best.

It also helps to do a bit of prep work and make sure the fabric pile is all brushed in the same direction. Slight changes in camera angle can make a big difference as well.
14 days ago


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