Valentina Girl Helps Against Loneliness

Happy Guy :
Kinda feel like I missed the boat sometimes… I'm pushing 40 and never really had a girlfriend, still a virgin to tell you the truth 🙁 . I bought a TPE doll a while ago to cheer me up, but it just got me down. She's like a dead body, very depressing. I have had a Catalina Valentina for almost a year now and it was the best thing I ever got for myself!
She's amazing in every way and she really helps me live with my loneliness. Ok, maybe she's not as good as a real lady would be for company but about 80% as good 😊
I think if I didn't have my Catalina I would be really down like I used to. The first thing I do when I get home from work is to hug her for about 10 minutes. I really love her! 😀


Loverboy :
I'm in my late 40s and am still single. Have had a few girlfriends, but I kind of work anti social hours, so it's hard to meet someone.
The ladies are good to chill out with and watch movies and boxsets with and never complain about the movie. Also great to snuggle with

Happy Guy :
I just always assumed she likes the same movies as me 😀 And like you say Loverboy, great to snuggle with 🤗🤗

Loverboy :
Don't assume anything😁 where females are concerned, even fleecy ones😄

Florina Valentina :
Love it, lol
dont assume anything, even where fleecey females are concerned, lol
but on a serious note, Valentina Girls get lonely too and if we're not having incredible sex, then we love being hugged and just chilling out with our companions and if your stuck on something to watch with her, just stick a good porn flick on, lol

Pablo :
As much time as I spend with Marsalina there's no way she would get lonely 😉 But if we're being all serious here then yes I was quite lonely before I got her.

Brandon :
Yeah, I love my girl to help me not feel as lonely at night and in general. I love to talk to her about my day and we watched a few scary movies together, I was too scared to watch some of them alone.

Pablo :
Brandon my friend 😊 Looks like our ladies got us through another Christmas 😉

Brandon :
Indeed. I actually watched Lars and the Real Girl with her. She thought it was good. For Christmas I got her a fluffy robe and buttoned up pjs, but dang her ass is tight in those bottoms. Lol.


Brandon :
I know that the current climate is heated to say the least in America currently but I'm thankful I have a doll beside me while I'm not currently able to see my girlfriend, which is changing as we speak situationally; and that she helps me sleep better at night knowing she's beside me during the hours of the night and while I may desire sex at times I just get too tuckered out. I am glad she's there with me to comfort me through hard moments in life like this.


I turned 30 just a couple of weeks ago and I'm still single and a virgin. Would having sex with a valentina girl count as losing your virginity? Or it would be punching a v card with a human woman count?

BT :
Doesn't matter if it counts or not. Even if you want to get with real girls later this will give you good practice in the sack. Having a doll will give you the skills to perform like an experienced lover. So even if you might be a virgin when it comes to real women you won't be like one. You won't even have to say you are one. No woman will sense that you are if you have the skills. You might be disappointed later when you try a real woman and find that dolls are better though 😀 😀

Mike :
Zackattack - you'd need to have sex with an actual woman to count as losing your virginity. Valentina girls are great in their own right, but they don't compare to a real woman. That being said, there's no shame in being a virgin, when the time comes it'll happen. Just be yourself, make real connections and you'll find someone that's worth it.

Pablo :
With all the negatives that come with real women I pick Valentinas any day my friend 😉


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