Buying Sexdoll from Country where Sexdolls are Banned

Ahmed :
Ok so my problem is this: I live in the UAE and I would like to buy a Valentina sexdoll but any kind of sexproducts are illegal in my country. Does anyone know if there's been any problems shipping sexdolls into the UAE? I checked with the seller and in customs documents they are listed as ''plush doll'' so that would be ok but does anyone know if they check? And if they do check will I get in trouble?

1253 days ago

Kev :
That sucks man! You should just move to a free country! Make a political statement and open a sexdoll dealership in front of your house!
1245 days ago

In worst case just say you don't know what it was. You'd lose the doll but they wouldn't be able to charge you with anything. Good luck!
1241 days ago

Ross :
There is a sexless version which has no nipples and no holes. So maybe it would be fine to import that.

Then once you've got it you could modify it. :)
14 days ago


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