Melina and Valentino get it on! We hope you will enjoy this great X-Rated movie of Melina and Valentino having wild sex.

Demonstration of the softness of the body, the firmness of the internal skeleton core, and the smoothness of the skin.

Short instructional video covering everything you need to know to get started
(this video features an old first generation doll, not the current second generation dolls)

How to store and hide a Valentina Girl

Valentina Girls can perform a limitless range of positions. Here are a few examples.

The sexual possibilities of a Valentina Girl are endless. Hera are a few examples of sex positions shown off by some older 1st generation Valentina Girls.

Increase your fun and pleasure with multiple Valentina Girls. Watch these old 1st generation Valentina Girls have fun together!

Sex parties make the best parties! You can never go wrong with good friends and Valentina Girls!

Video featuring some new second generation Valentina Girls

Video of Florina Valentina

Video of Marsalina Valentina

Video of Catalina Valentina

Video of Quintina Valentina

Video of Palomina Valentina

Video of Opalina Valentina

Video of Didina Valentina

Video of Clementina Valentina

Video of Melina Valentina

Video of Shalina Valentina

Video of Natalina Valentina

Video of Angelina Valentina

Video of Valentino

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