The Travel Performance Models are the same as the Cuddle Models but they are shipped to you without any stuffing. If you want the same stuffing as the Cuddle Models you can do like we do in our factory and stuff them with polyester fluff, same as you find in most pillows. A Palomina takes about 8 pillows of fluff while a Catalina takes about 5. You can of course stuff them with other things like blankets, old clothes, old stuffed animals, anything soft…

You can remove the stuffing any time for easy transport or storage. They are the best choice if you need to hide your doll well or if you want to travel with her easily. They are also the most economical choice; not only do they cost less, but the shipping cost is less than half due to their small packing size and low shipping weight.

    You Travel Performance Doll arrives packed in a small box. In the box you find the doll, and insert, and a wig for her head. This box contains a Palomina, the largest Valentina Girl. Smaller dolls take slightly less space.

    This is what the unpacked Travel Performance Palomina looks like before you stuff her.

    You add the stuffing through a hole on the side of her hip. The hole has buttons to close it after you have stuffed her.

    After you have stuffed her and put on her wig she looks like this, and she behaves just like a regular Cuddle Model.

    You can remove the stuffing any time to pack her or to hide her easily.

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