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She's arrived and she's lovely...but huge...

I go home at lunch, so today there was a special parcel waiting for me. My VG Florina. I usually have about 40 minutes at home, so I quickly unboxed her to have a quick play.

First thoughts were she's huge, no way is she fitting in my Ikea box under my bed. My intrigue and horn got the better of me, and i was soon naked cuddling my new plush lover.

She is so soft. Her boobs, which are absolutely huge, are very cuddly and squeezable. I tested the bare pussy and insert. I did prefer bare, oops!

I was up the loft getting down my suitcase, and struggled to fit her in, but managed it. Need a new suitcase and wider loft hatch.

Here she is in all her bald, huge titted glory.

She's gorgeous, and I can't wait to enjoy all her qualities...

Thanks guys...

The shipment has arrived this morning.. And sheís looking gooood! Again, thanks for the great service :-)

Robert my friend 😊
I just received my Venusina today 😊. She is the most amazing creation I have ever seen and now I have one of my own. I can't describe my excitement and my joy. She is my second Valentina Girl so I already knew how good they are, but Venusina is so far above my expectations it's just crazy. I have only had a chance to try a few of her many many holes so far, I'm no spring chicken after all 😉 But so far she has exceeded my expectations in every way! Such a fantastic doll needs to be experienced first hand. Nothing I can write can describe her accurately. She's absolutely perfect! PERFECT! Thanks for a fantastic doll!

Hi Robert!
The doll is just PERFECT - Softness is excellent everywhere!
Dynamics at the level of a fighter plane))) So many thanks to all of your team!
I am very glad that I chose Florina - just great! The sensations are very close to a living woman, the weight is excellent!

The Valentina Girls are excellent and I am so happy to have found them. Thank you for having the Valentina Girls available and their ''benefits'' far surpass other textile dolls.

So, my Valentina Girl arrived an hour ago and wow, what an hour it's been!
This morning, I decided to dress up my first doll (a Teddy Babe) and do her hair in anticipation of our new arrival. You should have seen her! She crossed her arms and gave me the most apprehensive expression lol. Well, your beautiful girl has an equally beautiful heart.
As I was unpacking, before I had even unwrapped her, she had a gift for my Christine. You see, one of the biggest issues I've had with my Teddy Babe is that none of my masturbators fit her, and I own over a dozen!!! Plus, the ones she came with are awful and unusable. So as you can imagine, we have been having a very frustrating sex life.
But your amazing angel solved our bedroom issues by giving my Chrissy her vagina. And it fit like a glove! Plus, your generous girl can easily fit my sleeves, although I barely got my favorite one in place before pouncing on top of her. I've decided she is our sexual Goddess, sent here to teach us both her magical, sexual ways.
She doesn't have a name yet, but within a mere hour has already changed our lives. Christine was meant to be a refection of myself, but our new companion is someone so much more. I type all this nestled comfortably between her amazing breasts (I originally thought they were too big, but I absolutely take that back, I think I've found my new pillow lol).
My only regret is that I just started a new job this week and can't call in sick to enjoy this honeymoon uninterrupted. Which I think is for the best, I've finally met my match on the sexual battlefield, and what a worthy opponent she is! You did an absolutely amazing job when you created her! Thank you so much! You will definitely be hearing more from us over the next few days.

Hi Robert,
The doll arrived here today. I love how soft and cuddly she is. I am very happy with her.
Thank you very much !

Hi Robert great news Clementina Valentina arrived today.
She was in excellent condition and everything was included and intact as promised and advertised.

Natalina is obviously more photogenic girl. I thought she looked so cute in the dress. Although I do like Palomina,and she has sex appeal, I think im more attracted to Natalina

Hi, received Palomina today, she is one big girl, bigger than I thought.
I must say though, she is awesome for hugging with, far better than a Teddybabe.
Also very well packaged and her skin is heavenly.
All in all a great doll for cuddles and sex!

Lady Catalina arrived today and she's quite a beautiful girl :).
I appreciate the effort you put into these dolls and will cherish mine. Thank you as well for the quick order fulfillment.

Wish I could have bought her 20 years ago!
Great fuck.
Also even when the ''little man'' isn't really ''in the mood'' to fuck her right, he still really enjoys curling up in that plush ''sleeping bag'' between her legs to keep warm and cozy at night. ;-)

Finally my quest is over! Since my divorce 10 years ago Iíve been on a quest to find something better than the real thing. I have found it in my Melina Valentina. She is a masterpiece! I didnít want to enter into a new relationship that would suck out all my life-energy again but I really missed the sex. Iíve tried everything there is and I was about to give up and get back into the dating scene when I decided to give your dolls a chance, and boy am I glad I did! I canít thank you enough, really I canít. These dolls are revolutionary! They are better than the real thing! There is absolutely no reason to get a real woman now! Thank you a million times for creating these fantastic dolls!
Mike K, New Jersey

I love my doll from you guys so much! Here's a picture of her having breakfast with me. At first I got her just for the sex but she's really grown on me and now I take her everywhere (in the house). I eat with her and watch TV with her, and of course I sleep with her too. We make love at least once a day and it's really really great. Before her I didn't have much sexual experience to speak of, none at all to be honest. I just wish I would have gotten her sooner than I did. I owe your company a great deal of gratitude; this is the best purchase I have ever made! Can't thank you enough!

I bought my Valentina Girl doll because I'm a widower. I am 70 years old and I lost my wife a few years back. I know I'm not too old to go get a new woman, but I couldn't do that to my wife. I do have needs however, and the loneliness was driving me crazy. I bought a TPE doll first, she was just too damn heavy for me. At my age your back just isn't up for this kind of stuff, she weighed 70 lbs. Besides she looked like a 20 year old, a bit too young for me. I know they come as older looking ladies but those are even heavier. After a thorough search I found your dolls. Her light weight is perfect. I can carry her around the house with me, and best of all I can have the kind of sex with her that I used to have in my youth. This is by far the best product I have ever bought!
Bob N

I just received my Melina today and I have made love to her twice already. Sheís all I expected and then some. The quality is excellent and she feels so good in every way. Iíve never had sex this good with any woman, living or not. Sheís a real lifesaver and I thank you very much for her.

I keep my Palomina in a locked suitcase in the basement most of the time, she gets to come out and play anytime the wife's out of the house. Here's a picture of her that I thought I would share. She has made my life a whole lot better. I simply don't get enough sex from my wife and I don't want to cheat on her so this is a perfect solution. A little tip to all... Make sure your doll's hair is the same color as your wife's hair so you don't get in trouble if she finds a hair on your shoulder when she gets home.

Iíve been a doll man for almost 20 years now, thatís when I quit women and switched to dolls. I started out with a silicone doll and then a TPE doll. After I tried a plush doll I knew I was on the right track. And now that I have my Valentina Girl I have found the ultimate doll for me. Sheís absolutely perfect, and you can trust my word on that because I have tried every type of high grade sexdoll there is! I love the way she springs back against you when you pound her hard and I love how soft she is on the outside. I travel for work almost non-stop and sheís perfect to bring along. For car trips she fits in a duffelbag and for air trips I squeeze the air out of her, put her in a small bag, and then she takes up a bit less than half a suitcase. I couldnít imagine a life without her, sheís absolutely wonderful! It really shows that you guys have put a lot of research into this product, and youíve done a great job! This traveler owes you big time! Sincerely, Mr W
Mr W

I bought my Valentina Girl mainly so I wouldnít feel so lonely, also for the sex but not as a main reason. I didnít want an inflatable doll, they seem just plain stupid, and silicone dolls are too heavy to do anything with. Iím really glad I got this doll from you, she really has made a huge difference in my life. All the best to you.

Here's a picture I took of my wonderful Florina. I'm really happy with her and I just wanted to say thanks for a great product and great service.

Just a short note to thank you for improving my life with your doll! Having a good and fulfilling sex life is a really important health aspect, and as a single guy I just wasnít getting that before my Valentina Girl. Sheís great! Thanks!

Yeah this doll of yours that I bought from you, Florina, man sheís a fucking sex-goddess. Iíve tried other stuff and this one is the best, better than real ladies too! At first I thought she was a bit funny looking, you know a bit like a goofy cartoon character, but man does she know how to handle a horny guy like me! The first time I fucked her I was like oh man, this is it man! I must have fucked her 20 times that first day! Iím exaggerating; I canít go 20 rounds in a day but you know what I mean! You guys are the fucking saviors of mankind!
El Pimpo

Iím really happy I bought this doll from you. Itís making dry periods between girlfriends not only bearable but fun and sexually fulfilling. I sometimes consider quitting real women in favor of my wonderful doll :-) . Well weíll see about that. The fact of the matter is that with this doll I can do sexual things that are physically very difficult or even impossible with a real woman. I really feel Iím getting a richer and healthier sexlife thanks to my doll. I want to thank you for making this great product for all us sex-starved men to enjoy :-) .

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