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Ball Eyes   -   $ 50.00

The ball eyes are acrylic eyeballs about the size of tennis balls with irises that are custom printed to your exact specifications. The eyes are free to rotate in any direction about 20 degrees. You can pick a standard eye color and then we'll do the rest, or you can send us a graphic file with the eye you would like.

If you want to send us a file with a custom eye please keep in mind that for good results the iris in the picture should be at least 350 pixels across. A custom iris does not need to be round like a regular iris; it can be any shape you want.

The eyelid you see in some of the pictures is optional and costs nothing extra. It gives a more mellow look as opposed to the more intense look you get without the extra eyelid.

Extra Ball Eyes   -   $ 30.00/pair

The eye balls are easy to remove through a special hole in the top of the head. You can order extra eye balls to change the look of your Valentina Girl.

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