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- Longer Legs

Longer Arms

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Belly Button

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Fox Ears


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Taller Doll

Longer Waist

Mouth To Vagina Distance
The Mouth To Vagina Distance is important to consider when choosing a sex doll, more important than the actual height of the doll since that is how you fit with her during your intimate loving moments.

The Mouth To Vagina Distance on the Valentina Girls is 70 cm or 28 inches which is the same distance as it is on a real woman who is 157cm or 5 foot 2 inches. That's a good size if you yourself are anywhere up to 183 cm or 6 feet. If you're taller than that you might be happier with a taller doll. We can add whatever height you want to your doll's waist to make her mouth-to-vagina distance correspond to that of your ideal size lady.

Look in the table below to see if you might want to add some height to your lady.
Mouth To Vagina DistanceHeight to addThis is the Mouth to Vagina Distance of a woman who is:This size is a good fit for a man who is:                     Price
156cm to 183cm
5ft-1in to 6ft-0in
5ft 6in
167cm to 192cm
5ft 6in to 6ft 4in
Add 5cm (2 inches) to a Cuddle or Travel $30
Add 5cm (2 inches) to a Super or Hyper $60
5ft 11in
178cm to 205cm
5ft 10in to 6ft 9in
Add 10cm (4 inches) to a Cuddle or Travel $40
Add 10cm (4 inches) to a Super or Hyper $80
6ft 3in
189cm to 218cm
6ft 2in to 7ft 2in
Add 15cm (6 inches) to a Cuddle or Travel $50
Add 15cm (6 inches) to a Super or Hyper $100
Additional 2 inch (5 cm) units above 6 inches (15cm)
Important: You must first add 6 inches, and then add additional units.
For example: If you want a 12 inch extension, order a 6 inch extension and three 2-inch units of additional extension
Add 5cm (2 inches) to a Cuddle or Travel on top of 15 cm (6 inch) extension $10
Add 5cm (2 inches) to a Super or Hyper on top of 15 cm (6 inch) extension $20
Extensions are listed in increments of 5cm (2 inches), but any size is available of course. If you want a different size extension please buy the nearest size above and send us a message with the exact size you want. You can also go above the largest size in the table, just send us a message and we'll figure it out.

Taller Doll

Longer Legs

You can add length to your doll's legs to make her taller.

Add 5cm (2 inches) to a Cuddle or Travel $30
Add 5cm (2 inches) to a Super or Hyper $60
Add 10cm (4 inches) to a Cuddle or Travel $40
Add 10cm (4 inches) to a Super or Hyper $80
Add 15cm (6 inches) to a Cuddle or Travel $50
Add 15cm (6 inches) to a Super or Hyper $100
Add 5cm (2 inches) to a Cuddle or Travel on top of 15 cm (6 inch) extension $10
Important: You must first add 6 inches, and then add additional units.
For example: If you want a 12 inch extension, order a 6 inch extension and three 2-inch units of additional extension
Add 5cm (2 inches) to a Super or Hyper on top of 15 cm (6 inch) extension $20
Important: You must first add 6 inches, and then add additional units.
For example: If you want a 12 inch extension, order a 6 inch extension and three 2-inch units of additional extension

Longer Arms
  -   2 inches (5 cm) - $ 30.00, extra inches $ 5.00/inch

If you are ordering a very tall lady you might want to add some length to her arms to keep her proportionate.

The basic extension is 2 inches. To order for example 5 inches order one 2 inch basic extension, and 3 additional inches.

Basic 2 inch (5cm) extension to arms $30
Add inches on top of first 2 inches to arms $5/inch

Bigger Hip - Bigger Butt  -   $ 100.00 / 10 inch (25 cm)

In these pictures you see a Coralina and a Zeppelina. A Zeppelina is a Coralina with 10 inches (25 cm) extra on the hip. This modification can be done on any doll, and you can make the hip as big as you want. If you want to add 20 inches (50 cm) simply buy 2 hip-additions, 3 for 30 and so on.

Fat Legs   -   $ 60.00

Add a bit of meat to your Valentina Girl's thighs and calves with the Fat Legs option.

Enlarged Rear Entry   -   $ 35.00

The size of a Valentina Girl's butt love hole has been set to provide a very tight and intense back door experience when used with a soft insert. The regular size is perfect for most guys, but of course one size doesn't fit all. The hole in the picture is enlarged by 1 inch or 2.5 cm around the rim, but we can make it other sizes too for the same price.

Extra Stuffing   -   $ 20.00 / 12 oz (340 gram)

The firmness of a Valentina Girl has been set based on extensive testing and research. The smaller dolls are firmer than the larger ones. The male dolls are very stiff already and we don't recommend any additional stuffing for those.
Of course you may prefer a stiffer doll than most people and we can add stuffing to your doll in 12 ounce (340 gram) units.
To put it in perspective 12 ounces of stuffing is about the same as a standard size pillow.
12 ounces of stuffing will maka a small doll like a Catalina or similar much stiffer, and two sets will make her very hard. A large doll like Palomina can hold up to 4 extra units, but she will be very hard that way.

Extra Firm Breasts   -   $ 50.00

Valentina Girls have a nice natural softness to their breasts, but you may prefer breasts that are firmer. In that case you might be interested in these. These breasts have separate compartments for stuffing and are firmer than the rest of the body. They are about as firm as a very tightly stuffed cushion.

Hair   -   $ 0.00

You can attach any wig to your Valentina Girl’s head. She comes with a wig when you buy her, but any wig will do just fine. The hair attaches with a string to a set of loops on top of her head.

You can choose between 2 basic hairs for your Valentina Girl. After you have placed your order you will be taken to a form where you will be asked which hair you prefer.



Different Eye Color   -   $ 0.00

You may have noticed that some of the girls on our site have different color eyes. Valentina Girls come with light grey eyes that are easy to color to whatever color you want with a regular color pencil.
We can color the eyes for you at no charge, just email us what color you want after you place your order and we'll take care of it.

Closed Eyes   -   $ 30.00

Perhaps you prefer your Valentina Girl with her eyes closed.

Smaller Head   -   $ 0.01*

*The shopping cart doesn't allow zero price so you will be charged one cent.

A Valentina Girl's head normally measures 33 inches, or 84 cm around, but you can get your doll with a smaller head of course.
If you look at Valentino, the male doll, his head is 25 inches around, or 64 cm. You can go down in size as low as you wish, but we don't recommend less than 20 inches, or 50 cm.
After you place your order you will be taken to a form where you can enter any special requests, you can enter the size you want in that form. But don't worry; if you order a smaller head and we don't hear from you we will contact you and ask you what size you want.

Ears   -   $ 30.00

Human Ears Ears Ears Ears Ears Ears Ears
There are two types of ears available: Human and Elf

Ball Eyes   -   $ 50.00

The ball eyes are acrylic eyeballs about the size of tennis balls with irises that are custom printed to your exact specifications. The eyes are free to rotate in any direction about 20 degrees. You can pick a standard eye color and then we'll do the rest, or you can send us a graphic file with the eye you would like.

If you want to send us a file with a custom eye please keep in mind that for good results the iris in the picture should be at least 350 pixels across. A custom iris does not need to be round like a regular iris; it can be any shape you want.

Bush   -   $ 30.00

A bush can be any color you want. When you order a bush please tell us what color you would like the bush. If we don't hear from you we will match the color with the hair you choose for her head.

Enhanced Buttcrack   -   $ 25.00

Enhanced butt crack compared to regular butt crack

Valentina Girls, specially the chubbier models, have very natural butts with buttcracks that are like they are on real women. After receiving many requests for deeper buttcracks we have decided to add that as an option on our dolls.

Belly Button   -   $ 20.00

Belly Button
Apart from adding beauty to your doll, the belly button also works as a regular bullet hole where you can insert a bullet vibrator.

Low Breasts   -   $ 25.00

Valentina Girls in general, even the small busted models, have quite large breasts that go a bit higher up on the body than on a real woman. If you prefer a more realistic looking bust the low breast modification makes the cup size a bit smaller and places the breast about 2 inches (5 cm) lower down on the body creating a more realistic looking bust. This modification makes the bust size about 2 inches (5cm) smaller on the smaller dolls like Catalina and Natalina; for the larger dolls the bust size remains the same.

Long Nose   -   $ 40.00

Valentina Girls normally have a very cute little cartoony nose, but if you prefer a more realistic look here's a beautiful nose for you.

Teeth   -   $ 40.00

Add some bite to your Valentina Girl with a nice set of teeth. The teeth are made of a shiny pearl-colored satin. The teeth do not block access to the wonderful mouth hole; in fact they enhance it by giving you a nice extra tickle when she pleases you orally ;-)

Silky Nipples   -   $ 40.00

Valentina Girls normally have soft fuzzy nipples, but if you prefer a silky smooth texture then the Silky Nipples are for you! If you want your silky nipples to be a different color than the original color of your doll's nipples please let us know after you place your order.

Pink Pussy   -   $ 40.00

Add some color to your Valentina Girl's labia with the pink pussy option. The default color is a fleshy pink, but other colors are possible upon request.

Clit   -   $ 20.00

Dot the i of your Valentina Girl's pussy with a clit!

Bubble Butt
  -   3 inch bubble butt - $ 60.00, extra inches $ 10.00/inch

Do you like bubble butts? No problem! We can give your lady a perfect bubble butt! The standard bubble butt extends 3 inches out from the regular, but you can add more inches if you want!
If you want for example a 5 inch bubble butt, order the 3 inch bubble butt and 2 extra inches.

Order your 3 inch bubble butt here, $60:
Want to make your bubble butt even more impressive? Order extra inches here $10/inch:

Extra Large Breasts For Large Breasted Models
  -   $ 50.00 / 10 inch (25cm)

Normally the large breasted ladies (Florina, Palomina, Didina, Marsalina, Opalina, Clementina) have a bust size of 50 inches, or 127 cm. The XL tit enhancement gives them a bust size of 60 inches, or 152 cm. The top pictures show a Florina with this enhancement. These tits are truly huge, but if you want them even bigger you can add as many 10 inch increases as you want! Double XL tits will give your lady a bust of 70 inches, or 178cm. Triple will give her 80 inches, and so on...

Plump Lips   -   $ 40.00

The Plump Lips are silky smooth and soft as pillows.

Pregnant Belly  -   $ 80.00

Get a pregant tummy for your Valentina Girl! The pregnant belly in these pictures is 9 months, but we can make it smaller if you want, just let us know how many months pregnant you want her.

Extra Love Tunnel   -   $ 50.00

An extra love tunnel goes through your Valentina Girl so you can enter the same hole from two different locations on her body. After placing your order you will be taken to a form where you can tell us where you want your tunnels to be. Popular locations include through a breast, crotch to hip, bellybutton to back (cuddle and travel models only).
Love tunnels are snug and stimulating passages that can stretch out to 8 inches (20 cm) in circumference and are ideal size for a soft insert.

Handjob Hand   -   $ 50.00

Venusina Valentina Sex Doll
Each hand includes two bullet holes for stimulation. If you order only one please let us know if you want it on her left or her right.

Bullet Hole   -   $ 20.00

Venusina Valentina Sex Doll Venusina Valentina Sex Doll
A bullet hole holds a bullet vibrator. Bullet holes can be added anywhere on a Valentina Girls body to provide extra stimulation. Please let us know where you would like your bullets. Popular locations include under pussy, in mouth, cleavage. The pictures show some examples, but we can put bullet holes anywhere on her body (Bullet vibrator not included)

Nippleholes   -   $ 80.00/pair

A nipplehole is 8 inches deep (20cm) and fits a soft insert, or you can go straight in as is. Tits don't get any more fun than this!

Sunk Breasts   -   $ 40.00

Some of you may prefer the sunk breast look of an older woman. For those of you we have the option of sunk breasts. Sunk breats are available on all dolls, but just like on real women the effect is bigger on bigger breasts. The standard sinking amount is one half of the distance from the nipple to the bottom of the breast, but on your request we can sink them more or less (same charge).

On request we can also sink the breasts in different directions than down. For example up for perkier, or inwards for a tighter cleavage.

Innie Nipples   -   $ 10.00

The inverted Innie Nipples can be pulled out and are then like regular nipples.

Penis Holder   -   $ 40.00 (penis included)

With this option you can attach a penis to your Valentina Girl's vagina and turn her into a tranny. You can of course use her without the penis and then she's a regular girl again.
When a penis is attched the vagina is unavailable for sex, but the rear entry functions normally.
Can you attach a penis to her without the modification? Yes you can, but this modification will keep it in steady.
A penis is included.

Cat Tail   -   $ 40.00

If you're into catgirls the cat tail is an absolute must-have feature!

Fox Tail   -   $ 20.00

A foxy lady needs a foxy tail!

Cat Ears   -   $ 40.00

Cats are the sexiest of animals. Why not turn your Valentina Girl into a cat with these sexy ears.

Fox Ears   -   $ 40.00

A foxy lady needs a foxy set of fox ears.

Fangs   -   $ 25.00

Fangs make your Valentina Girl a little bit dangerous, and very exciting! Don't worry, the fangs are quite soft and won't hurt you.

Critter Nose   -   $ 20.00

Who can resist a cute critter nose? Pink and black are most common, but you can pick any color you want.

Custom Color   -   $ 150.00

Customize the color of your Valentina Girl. We can dye your Valentina Girl into a range of colors. Lighter colors yield the best results, but you can shoot for a thicker deeper color of you want.
Keep in mind that this option adds one to two weeks to the completion of your order. Each dyed doll is custom dyed which means that the color might not come out exactly as planned. It will be the color you specify of course, but there might be a variation in the intensity of the color. Medium red might for example might come out light red or dark red.
After you order don't forget to tell us what color you would like.

Extra Tits   -   $ 70.00/tit

You can never have too many tits! Valentina Girls can have as many tits as you want. The extra tits can be anywhere on her body. After you place your order please tell us how you would like her extra tits arranged.

Alien Ecstasy Tail   -   $ 130.00

Venusina Valentina Sex Doll
The Alien Ecstasy Tail gives your Valentina Girl superhuman sexual powers! The Alien Ecstasy Tail not only gives you two more fantastic love holes to play in, but the tail itself provides both stimulation and extra support. With the tail you can do things that you simply can't do with a human woman!

Alien Package   -   $ 390.00 - SAVE $ 100

Venusina Valentina Sex Doll Venusina Valentina Sex Doll Venusina Valentina Sex Doll Venusina Valentina Sex Doll Venusina Valentina Sex Doll Venusina Valentina Sex Doll Venusina Valentina Sex Doll
Add the Alien Package to your doll and turn her into a sex goddess that's truly out of this world! Order the Alien Package with your doll and save $100 compared to ordering the items separate.

Package includes:
- Alien Ecstasy tail
- 2 Extra love holes through breasts, one through each breast.
- 2 Extra love holes from crotch to hip
- 2 handjob hands, left and right
- 4 bullet holes: under tail, back of mouth, left breast cleavage, right breast cleavage
-Regular price for all options separate is $490, you save $100
  -   Venusina Valentina Sex Doll
Venusina is an example of a doll with the Alien Package. She is a Florina doll with an Alien Package.

Phone Attachment   -   $ 15.00

The phone attachment allows you to attach any phone or tablet to your Valentina Girl's face so you can use her for long distance sex with another user on the other end, or to simply watch porn while you're having sex with her.

The attachment system is very simple consisting of a phone ring, a string, and a cord lock. You can add it to your doll when you buy her, but if you already have a Valentina and you want to add this to your existing doll you can easily create this yourself.

The ring attaches to any phone. One end of the string attaches to the loop on the back of the head closest to the head-hole. The other end is pulled through the head hole, out the mouth, through the ring, back through the mouth, through the cord lock, and tightened.

Buttoned fill opening on top of head   -   $ 25.00

A buttoned fill opening on top of the head gives you easy access to your doll's filling in case you want to temporarily remove stuffing for travel or storage. You can also use the opening to add or remove stuffing if you want to make your doll firmer or softer. The opening is very useful if you want to empty the head in order to push it into the body so you can attach a stand-alone head to the doll's neck. The opening is under the wig and is completely invisible when the hair is on.

$10 of Special Modifications   -   $ 10.00/unit

If you would like a modification that you don't see on this page please contact us and we will tell you how much it is. Then when you place your order you can add the right number of $10 units to your order.
For example... You would like a doll with three arms. You contact us and we might tell you that that will cost $70 extra. You will then add 7 of these $10 units to your order.

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