Cuddlesex :
Juniper made it home and she is the cutest bunnygirl!

Robert knocked this one out of the park, absolutely gorgeous 😍, Here she is sat beside me while I play Doom, perfect cuddle companion 🥰

107 days ago

Loverboy :
Very cute!
106 days ago

Loverboy :
In fact she's so cute I'm adopting one. The snake girl is on hold at the moment!
105 days ago

Pablo :
I think she might be the cutest Valentina ever!
96 days ago

Roverskull :
What exactly is her head circumference? (translated from German)
85 days ago

Roverskull :
Circumference Head 26 Inch or 25 Inch ??????
22 days ago

Robert at Valentinagirls :
Hi Roverskull :)
That was a 25 inch head.
21 days ago


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