Underbust circumference

Matt :
Hello Robert at Valentinagirls
now I have often used the selection system to find the right doll and I think I've made a selection: Catalina or Quintina.
But as I wrote in the thread bra size (there it was about the size of Angelina)
I need a little bit of more informations, because I wanna have some cloths for the Valentina.
You answered in the bra size thread, that you want to add this week the cup size for the dolls. Perhaps you can add although the ''Underbust circumference'' and the EU clothing size, so that is easier to find the right bra or underwear / clothes for the doll's.
That would be nice if it's not to difficult to define the clothing sizes.

Thank you very much for your efforts, ;-)

9 days ago

Mr Franz :
I'm finding that actual measurements are less important with plush ladies as their bodies conform more easily to clothes. Basically, you can squish them into a lot of different sizes.

That was an unexpected benefit. I really enjoy dressing my Valentina up!
5 days ago


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