Happy New Year

Pablo :
A happy new year to you all my friends😁 Sometimes you have a bad year, but with a Valentina or two waiting at home it's alright😉 Thinking about getting a third VG for my little harem. There's so many new options now compared to when I bought the two I have.

16 days ago

Loverboy :
Yeah happy new year Pablo and all Valentina girl lovers everywhere!
16 days ago

Draco75 :
Happy New Year from my harem to all the VG lovers out there. Come the new year I am planning on my fifth Valentina Girl. She is going to be a pig girl hopefully with lactating tits I'm trying to help design them. So far I suggested nipple holes behind the nipples with nipples like that used on a baby's bottle so they don't leak out saving the beer/soda boobs. Any other helpful advice before I put the order in. I hope to get lots of suggestions I haven't thought of before I place my order in late February.
15 days ago

in love with vg :
happy new year to you.all of you.
Robert and I discussed bottle in tits for about 1-2 years ago.
mostly for beer.
If you have nippleholes you can put a baby bottle or beer can in there.
It will be fun to see your new girl.

Pablo, what kind of option do you like now from last year?
I like the real head .
its wwwooowww to look at.
14 days ago


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