Cuddlesex :
Ah yeah! Just heard I'm getting a little bonus in january, so I'm now pricing up my dream asian bubble-butt VG X)

In my headcanon I'm gonna be putting the money into getting a live-in 20yo maid from asia with a husband and family back home that she sends the money to.
That those little bonuses she sends home are for spreading her legs for her employer can be her dirty little secret ;)

Probably quite a vanilla fantasy scenario compared to some here, anyone else have a set fantasy role/character their dolls fulfill?

28 days ago

Loverboy :
A lot of my fantasies revolve around me being a younger guy with a sexy mature woman taking care of me.
One of my recent ones is that a Valentina girl is looking for lodgings and I offer to put her up, as she has no place to stay. She has no money but ofers to pay with her body, lol. I say there's no need, but she insists
26 days ago

Cuddlesex :
Loverboy, that was exactly my fantasy with my Palomina, she was a 40yo divorcee that needed a cheap room to rent and could tell my wife doesn't give me enough sex so ''she's a woman, I'm a man'' we helped each other with our needs.

This next one I'm going full Hitomi Tanaka, a slim, petite asian with gigantic tits as my submissive housekeeper that tries to hide how much she enjoys being thoroughly ploughed by her employer
25 days ago

Loverboy :
Hi Cuddlesex, I'm very intrigued by your post on Kangaroo Bunnies. I'm looking to possibly adopt a pet of my own.

Originally I was thinking of a snake girl, but kind of gone of the idea at the moment. I then read your background story and it intrigued me. Would love to know more when you're around.

Have you ordered her for adoption yet?
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Cuddlesex :
Hi Loverboy!

I ordered her on thursday night ;)
I considered a pig but then I remembered how much I love bunny girls like Lola Bunny and Judy Hopps, so went for it!
I decided to go full animal with her and wrote that Kangaroo Bunny background. I like knowing the backstory for my toys lol.

I'd be more than happy to come up with a back story for a snake lady!
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