Modification of Mouth and Nipples

Puppeteer :
Dear valentinagirl-lovers! 😉 I need your help... I'm looking for an option to improve the kissing and licking ability. I really like the touch of the fabric. But it doesn't feel nice and comfortable to kiss. Especially on the mouth an nipples. In my opinion, it would be perfect, if the nipples are made of silicone, latex or similar material. And the same with the mouth. On my Lilly (see the thread ''smaller head'') i use a silicone tounge. It's nice, but would be much nicer, if the lips would have a lickable material too.

Do you have a tip for me? Perhaps sewing on a thin latex patch?

Robert: I'm also thinking of ordering a real head. Do you have an idea for kissing-mod?

Many greetings, Puppeteer

48 days ago

in love with VG :
Robert is full of power to do what we wish
48 days ago

Puppeteer :
I did a little test with latex... I took a piece of a very thin theraband and sew it on her lips and nipples. The optic is not perfect 😉 but for my first time with a sewing needle I'm satisfied at the moment.

The haptic is exactly what I expected! It's a pleasure for kissing and licking! And also my glans is feeling good between her lips!

Robert, could you do the latex lips on a real head with a little latex Tunnel?

25 days ago

Pablo :
These latex lips and nipples... How do they feel?
18 days ago

Puppeteer :
It feels really nice, when you lick it! At the first time, when you touch it with your hands, it feels just like rubber. But the more you touch it over the time, it's getting better. Silicon oil is helping, too.

My first doll was a Laetitia latex doll, stuffed with foam flakes. The VG is so much better in everything, despite the kissing. I'm working on the best of two worlds 😉
I have ordered some red latex milk and will replace the sewed latex patch. I'm still not sure, if i put the milk direct on the fabric or do a removable solution...
17 days ago

in love with VG :
Laetitia was a good latex doll.
one of the last made.
I used them before VG, much better than pvc .
but now, nobody make latex dolls....
but we have VG, better for sex hug and durability.

but Puppeter, you are right about kissing.....
16 days ago

Puppeteer :
Good news! Lilly was at the plastic surgeon and she survived the operation well ;)

First, i have painted her lips and nipples with red latex milk. For the nipples it works really good! The lips mod was nice for kissing, but a little bit too inflexible for BJ. So i decided to replace the original lips with self made lips made of latex, filled with hollowfiber. Now the lips are very soft. Wonderful!

And while i was making the lips out of latex, i also experimented with a penis.

I often thought about an option to form her head. I think i have found a good solution: I put a doll head made of soft plastic into her head and i stuffed the space in between. Itīs not perfect by now but when i have time again, i will optimize the stuffing.

VG is good for modifikation ;)

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Big J :
Looks great Puppeteer!

The finished lips and nipples with the latex milk looks much better. Does that wear off at all?

I agree that fabric material leaves a lot to be desired with the lips and nipples. The silk upgrade is better but still lacking something. I think your latex mod looks like the best solution yet.

The penis looks great also. you should post that over on the tranny thread.
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