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Downfreak :
My new doll has arrived and I'm just blown away!!! What an incredibly sexy doll she is. I've always had this fantasy where a super hot succubus drains me over and over all night long. This doll has nailed it 100%
I have another valentina girl I bought from you a few years ago that I love as well. She is my go to doll for the greatest sex. Your dolls are so much better than TPE and silicone dolls.
I post videos on Pornhub as Downfreak and have a video of me with her on Pornhub

I'm really looking forward to making a video with the new doll too. Just looking at her drives me crazy!! I love the wings, the ears and especially the tail.

Thank you so much!

152 days ago

Downfreak :
A couple of pictures...

152 days ago

Pablo :
I love the video my friend😊 I can't wait to see you give it to batgirl😉 Hope we get a video of the two of you soon 👍
151 days ago

Big J :
Nice pics and video. I think all the valentina girls are good at draining out our energy all night long.

Downfreak, have you considered replacing the polyfill stuffing in the VG with down insulation?
149 days ago

Downfreak :
I finally finished the video of Bat Girl if you want to see it or link it in the forum. I love this doll so much, especially the tail.
I made a whole 1st video but didn't like how it turned out. It didn't do the doll justice so I made a green screen room in my house to shoot this new video in the crypt. I will probably release the 1st video some day.

86 days ago

Pablo :
Wow my friend, you're like a regular Ron Jeremy😉 That is the best movie I have ever seen, by far😁 Can't wait for the sequel👍
85 days ago

Joe :
Truly inspirational😉
79 days ago

Downfreak :
Just Loungin with the girls! It's gonna get hot on the sofa soon ;)

25 days ago

Pablo :
You're a lucky guy Downfreak 😉, Hope we get to see a video of what happened next 😁
23 days ago

F :
I've been looking at your profile on PH Downfreak. Hoping to see some more VG videos there soon. Your stuff is great👍
13 days ago


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