Posable Skeleton

Robert at Valentinagirls :
Proud to announce the arrival of our posable skeleton, and our posable arms. I will be posting a video of it tomorrow as well.

57 days ago

Mr Franz :
Looks quite promising. With this skelly, is it possible to close and cross the legs or is the leg spread position still fixed? Also, can the back be arched?
56 days ago

in love with vg :
56 days ago

Robert at Valentinagirls :
Ok guys, I posted the videos I promised earlier today. Mr. Franz, yes the waist does have a joint, so you can arch her. But her body and her filling pushes against it so she won't stay arched on her own, same with the legs. They do join of course, but her body pushes back. We wanted to keep the skeleton springy enough to work well for sex. You still get the bouncy feel with this skeleton. The posable arms might be a better deal for most than the whole posable skeleton, you get the expressive arms, hands, and fingers.
56 days ago

Mr Franz :
Ok, I see. I think it's a great innovation. I look forward to further development.
55 days ago

Doll Gamer :
Thanks for the clarification on the posable skeleton, Robert. Since all my dolls are bigger girls and have lots of filling, I kind of assumed the body types I prefer might work against the skeleton a bit. That said, I'm pretty much sold on those posable arms! Just gotta wait till I get my Christmas bonus.
55 days ago

Pablo :
Coolest part seems to be the arms and fingers 😊
7 days ago


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