HiFly suspension system

Vos :
I just received my second Valentina, a Shalina Super with a HiFly suspension system. It's a fantastic feature! It gives you a fantastic range of new things you can do with her. I have her hanging from the ceiling in a bungee cord so she can bounce up and down and swing in and out😉 If anyone else has a HiFly girl we can share ideas here about positions and tips.

10 days ago

Doll Gamer :
I've been giving some serious thought to getting my next doll with the HiFly system. Partially because I already have 3 girls and having one hovering above the bed would save a little space XD
I'm curious though, how big are your high flying girl's boobs, and if they're XL or bigger, do they kinda drag her down? For that matter, if she's got the bubble butt option, does it drag her down in the opposite direction? I like my girls kinda big, so I've tried to imagine how the weight distributed in her tits and ass would affect her pose as she 'flies.'
9 days ago

Vos :
Well mine is a Shalina. A mid-size beauty😉 She ''flies'' in a very balanced way.
9 days ago

Robert at Valentinagirls :
Hi Doll Gamer :)
Really good question. If she has both bigger tits and a bigger butt they balance out and we would leave the string where it is normally. If she's bigger below we would move the string down a bit to balance her, and up if she's top heavy.
9 days ago

Vos :
Got an idea for new option! Add a moving weight to the HiFly to allow her to fly at different angles 😍
7 days ago


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