Deeper relationship with doll

Loverboy :
Hi, just thought I'd throw this question out there. I saw it on another doll forum and I thought I'd ask it
Okay, what is your relationship with your Valentina girl? Do you see her as just a sex doll, what I mean is you just use her when you're wanting sex
Or do you have a more intimate relationship, do you chat to her, ( I know she can't talk back to you ) watch TV have meals together, etc like a companion/girlfriend.

For me, I like the cuddle aspect. As we all know The ladies are very soft and I have a bit of a fetish for soft material.

Also if it were possible would you pay for an App, so she could talk back to you?

29 days ago

Doll Gamer :
Sleeping and cuddling with my dolls at night and sex were the primary reason I bought my girls, but I got really attached to them after just a couple of days. I've gotten to where I almost always have at least one of them sitting with me when I watch TV or, as my name suggests, play video games. Heck, one night I found myself just lying on her with my head on her tummy while I was just messing around on my phone. I've also gotten to the point that I'm constantly thinking of clothes and accessories that would look good on them, so in my case at least, my dolls became companions in no time at all.

Not to change topics or derail the conversation, but just a couple of days after I got my first doll, I caught Covid. Luckily I was no more sick than I've been when I've had the flu in the past, but it was pretty much just me and my doll for 2 weeks. I think that experience really made me appreciate the companionship aspect of having her around and really shaped my mental image of her being far more than just a sextoy.
28 days ago

Loverboy :
Yeah, during the lockdown having company is nice. Can't really go out anywhere except to work or for a walk.

Most of the time is spent watching TV or movies and I normally just sit in-between her legs on my bed, kind of like a cushion, but her softness is what I like!
28 days ago

Doll Gamer :
I feel you on loving how soft they are. That's partially why I went for the chubbier girls. I like to sleep with one of my girls on top of me, and those big, soft hips just feel amazing to cuddle with!
28 days ago

Cuddlesex :
I had a 2nd gen cuddle Palomina, currently making do with a dakimakura while I save up for the custom Florina of my dreams.

Yeah she was a companion. I'd strap her wrists together with a hair bobble and have her sit on my lap with her arms around my neck and head on my shoulder while I watched TV/played games.

That little wrist-bobble trick adds a life to these girls you wouldn't believe.
Her chubby horndog personality seemed so real I could almost feel her grinding her hips against me and pushing her huge tits against my chest to make me put down the controller and get between her legs, the randy devil.

If you've had a crummy day at work, try that bobble trick, having this soft, beautiful woman clinging to you like you're the meaning of her life delivers a near-lethal dose of seratonin XD
She'd spend most of the time in a nightshirt with cute slogans/mascots on.

Having a VG really made my taste evolve from slutty semen demons in minidresses who I would roughly assfuck to cosy, bedheaded affectionate girls next door who want to cuddle and kiss in slow, passionate missionary.
Hence my name ;)

TLDR; your intention with a VG might begin with having a doll to act out fantasies of screwing club girls with, but she will evolve into her own person and you'll find yourself looking at photos of her at work, and looking forward to playing a bit of Skyrim while cuddling before her affections get the better of you.
28 days ago

in love with valentina :
We are at same way, most cuddle and some sex also.
They save life in this fucking pandemic and lock down.
psycologic good friend
Thanks Robert.
28 days ago

Loverboy :
Lol, Cuddlesex, thanks for the tip. I am trying it now! Feels similar to what you suggested and very warm. Also kind of feels like I'm the meaning in her life, like you said. Have to go to work soon, normally have a crud evening, but will give it a shot when I get home
How are you going to customize your lady?
28 days ago

Cuddlesex :
The best sex with a real girl you can have is with a girl who clings onto you because she's so into the sex and you that she NEEDS that closeness.
The bobble trick goes a long way to making you feel your VG is really into it. Sex with most dolls has that ''disinterested prostitute'' vibe. They lie there and take it with an expressionless face. VGs have a happy face (an underrated feature!) and the bobble trick really adds to her participation. So intense.

Customization for my Florina/Didina; smaller head, asian eyes, ears, fleece hair, bubble butt, belly button, bush, low breasts and extra stuffing.

I'm essentially making my own busty asian JAV idol gf. Huge tittied asian girls are my kryptonite ;)

I'll likely get an ebony model with similar mods to satisfy my thing for Nikki Minaj at some point.

After I've got my ''normal'' dolls, I plan on starting a collection of more wacky models!

Always wanted to bang Miss Piggy or the Caramel Bunny (a 90s chocolate commercial mascot, google her!) Or a purple 3-tittied alien chick, or Rarity the pony, or a warcraft-style female Goblin.

The possibilities are quite literally limitless thanks to Rob!

28 days ago

Doll Gamer :
Not even gonna lie, Cuddlesex. I've been fantasizing about getting a pig doll later this year. I even started a sketch a while back of how I imagine she'll look. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who's been thinking it XD

The idea for a goblin crossed my mind a few times too, and I've actually got a bunny girl being delivered today! I don't remember ever seeing the Caramel Bunny back in the day, but man... after googling her, that UPS truck better hurry up!

That's what I love about these dolls. Whether you want realism or if you're like me and want fantasy characters you could never actually have in real life, they can be customized in such a way that you can have nearly anything you can imagine! Even with my now growing menagerie of animal themed girls, they're so easy to form an emotional bond with, so whatever fantasy you have just seamlessly slips into feeling real.
28 days ago

titjob :
congrats doll gamer
28 days ago

titjob :
wow DG, pigs have about 20 nipples. More than cow's 4
28 days ago

Doll Gamer :
I'm a boob guy through and through, titjob, but 20?!... that'd be a bit much, even for me XD
It's still just something I'm considering for now, but if I go for it, she might have an extra pair of tits or two. Nowhere near 20, but she'll probably have more than just 2.
27 days ago

Loverboy :
Nikki Minaj, have you heard of Kiki Minaj Cuddlesex? She's a black British pornstar who's a fan of Nikki's and has given herself Nikki's surname.

I completely see what you're saying about sex dolls, never really thought about it like that.

I am looking at making another purchase. All I know is I want her blonde with blue eyes. I'm normally a guy who likes curvy, bigger females, but Angelina has drawn my attention recently. Also I normally like dark or brunette ladies, but the blonde Valentina girls look cute.

Also I like to give her an age to make it more realistic, don't know if you guys do that. Thing is I'm in my 50s, normally I'd say that my Valentina was a kind of MILF type, or older, but my mindset is kind of changing to a younger lady. Maybe that's why I've got drawn to Angelina, slim and tall and younger looking. I always see the chubbier models as more MILF types, lol. Guess it's just the way my mind works.

27 days ago

Cuddlesex :
My animal girls will be very anthropomorphic, standard 2 tits and nipples for me!
The 3-tittied alien chick is different though X'D
I kind've even want a Valentino as well, as like a bro to hang out with. Put him in a pair of jeans and a t shirt, then sit him in a chair with a spare xbox controller in his hands or an empty beer can.
We'll probably end up roasting and DPing the girls as well tho lmao.

I think I'm most excited about a goblin.
27 days ago

Omega :
Speaking of extra tits, I’ve been thinking a 6-breasted cat or bunny girl might be nice. Top pair would be normal sized, second pair about half sized, and just a pair of nipples for the third. With silky nipples, I think she would be awesome!
27 days ago

Doll Gamer :
Totally agree with you, Loverboy. I posted it on your thread about our doll's ages, but I absolutely have specific ages and personalities that imagine my girls having. One I imagine being older than me, one right around my age and the other being slightly younger than me. It just makes them feel more real.

I get it, Cuddlesex. When I first ordered my cow girl, I knew she wouldn't be to everyone's tastes. My cat and bunny girl's are more anthropomorphic like you mentioned, but I still like to let my imagination wander to having a girl with multiple tits ;) I've pretty much gone all in on getting dolls that fulfill fantasy more than reality. Speaking of which, I saw your thread about a goblin girl and can't wait to see how that project turns out!
27 days ago

Puppeteer :
Relationship with a doll... interesting question!

I donīt have a relationship with my doll, I see her as a Sextoy plus ;) The most of the time, my doll is laying in my bed and at night i use her to cuddle with and have a quicky. But when i have enough time at the evening i have a party for two with her ;) And at this time, a kind of relationship develops in my imagination for some hours... it starts with putting clothes on her, dressing her hair. And i do, what i normally would do, have a meal, watching tv, listening to music... but i do this with her... all the time with a ''sexual intention''. Itīs not a relationship, itīs more like a game.

I also like to play with her position of her hands/arms. It has a very strong effect on my imagination. I use the bullet hole in her hand and put two fingers of the other hand in this hole that she could hold her hands together while she hugs me. Also nice: when i take off her sweater, her arms stay in the sleeves... over her head... behind her back. This gives live to the doll.

24 days ago

Brandon :
I know with Catalina. I consider her to be like my wife or a second romantic partner besides my girlfriend. I think about her a lot and when I consider important decisions I want her to be factored into it as well. My girlfriend knows about Catalina so she doesn't have to worry about me cheating on her with another woman. I actually got Catalina so I can get my high sex drive managed out to avoid an affair. I want another VG but the girlfriend has been pushing back on that idea, the kill joy lol. I should head to bed, Catalina is waiting for her snuggle partner.
6 days ago


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