Robert at Valentinagirls :
As you all know we have a free web based app that makes the Valentina Girls moan in sync with their movements here: MOANING APP. The app hasn't been updated in a while and it's hard to get it working on some phones. Does anyone know of any good apps that work in a similar way?
If you're not familiar with out app basically you turn it on and stick the phone in her mouth and when she's moved the app moans.
Our app does work on any phone, but the accellerometer must be turned on in the phone's settings. The accellerometer is often turned off by default to save battery life and it can be tricky to find it in the phone's settings sometimes.

31 days ago

Pablo :
I remember someone mentioning a realdoll (I think) app in another thread a while ago that could be made to work with any doll. I don't think it was free though, but if you can't get the VG app to work it might be a worthwhile investment, it adds a lot of life to her 😉
31 days ago

Puppeteer :
Here is another web-app:
For those, who can't get the web-app from Valentina-girls to work, try a different browser. On my Android phone, the chrome browser doesn't work with the app, but Firefox does.

My opinion: playing with a sex doll is like a fantasy-game. Her moaning in your fantasy is much more intense, then a app could ever be... 😉
30 days ago

Loverboy :
Yes Firefox works on my phone too. Thanks Puppeteer. Haven't been able to use the app for ages!
29 days ago

Jim :
Yes it works on Firefox!
27 days ago


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