Gluttonace :
My lovely Audrey arrived and I have been attached to her ever since. Her skin is so soft, softer than any blanket I own, and her body is perfect for snuggling up to and spooning. She looks amazing in all my clothes, but I'll be having to get her her own bra as she too big for any of mine. Not like that's a bad thing. ;) Oh, and the belly button and ear upgrades are to die for, absolutely adorable on her! Between running my hands all over her and having fun with her sexual attachments I've been talking with Robert, who is an absolute angel to work with. I'm happy to say I'm already expecting another girl in my bed soon, and let me tell you! I don't know if I'll stop there or keep going until I have an entire harem of these stunning girls~ I'm a girl of specific tastes, and Valentina Girls satiate all of them completely. <3

Cheers, Gluttonace

8 days ago

ValentinaGirlsUser :
Wow! Absolutely stunning. I am so jealous. What model is she based off?

7 days ago

Pablo :
She looks lovely Gluttonace 😊 Congratulations 😁 She's a Catalina originally right? She does look like an Audrey though 😊
7 days ago

in love with valentina :
so you a girl IRL ?

yes its not easy to find bra for the bigger VG, I think catalina is ok
7 days ago

Loverboy :
Hi Gluttonace, yes your Audrey looks very pretty and her blonde hair looks immaculately groomed.( I always have problems with the hair getting tangled )

Yes the ladies are very cuddly and soft and ideal for spooning. I usually go for for the travel models and fill the lady myself, so there is no internal skeleton, which makes her even more cuddly and soft.

Yes Robert is very easy going and good to work with. Would love to see some more pics of your girl sometime.

5 days ago


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