Valentina Girls Eternal Plan

Valentina Girls Eternal Plans :
I was thinking this morning, after I woke up next to Catalina, I was thinking about my plans with her and my girlfriend. I still plan on having Catalina as a part of our family, I may not have sex with her as much as I can now but we'll see. But then I thought what will I do with Catalina when I die? I want her to be loved and cared for by my offspring, if possible. But I don't want her to be mistreated by my other family members while I'm posthumous. Has anyone ever planned out their dolls futures when we personally croaked?

16 days ago

Pablo :
My friend, I like your thinking 😊 I never thought of this before I read your post, but when the reaper comes knocking one day I want to go out together with my Valentina Girls!

16 days ago

Goldfish :
We could set up a database of Valentina Girls and make sure widowed girls get sent to a loving home with other Valentina Girls. You're right that they shouldn't just be discarded. If I can't be buried with my harem I want them to have a good life in a new harem after I'm dead.

16 days ago

Brandon :
That'd be interesting. But yeah I contemplated on being buried with my Valentina Girl, but if she's able to be used by my offspring, I wouldn't mind giving her to them. However I would want to teach them about sex dolls and how to be responsible with them before so they know the gravity of this decision.

15 days ago


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